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Honda VTEC


2015 HR-V
2015 Jazz
2015 NSX
2015 CR-V
2014 Civic Tourer
2012 GoldWing
2012 Civic
2005 Repsol
2004 Rune
2003 Racing Bike
1999 S 2000
1997 1000 VTR
1992 Prelude
1992 Civic
1990 NSX
1990 750 VFR
1990 F1-engine
1987 CBR 1000 F
1986 VFR 750
1986 VF 1000 R
1986 CBR 600 F
1984 Civic
1979 1000 CBS
1979 Civic
1976 1000 RCB
1975 GoldWing
1972 Civic
1970 Z Coupe
1967 N 600
1965 S 800
1965 N 800
1959 CB 92

  Honda Civic Tourer

Honda Civic
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement, bore * stroke
Compression ratio
Engine control
Valves4 per cylinder
Drive trainFront drive, transversal
TransmissionManual six-speed, automatic five-speed
Suspension frontMcPherson
Suspension rearTwist-beam axle
SteeringGear rack, servo, electric
BrakesDiscs, front ventilated
Wheelbase2.595 mm
Turning circle11.300 mm
Wheels205/55 R 16 (6,5") bis
225/45 R 17 (7")
Length4.535 mm
Width1.770/2065 mm
Height1.480 mm
Tank capacity50 liters
Trunk volume min/max624/1668 liters
Payload423/360 kg
Trailer weight1.400 kg
Kerb weight1487/1430 kg + driver
Top speed
Purchase priceFrom 21.550,-/22.600,- Euro
Year of manufactureFrom 2014

A diesel and a petrol engine are available, whereat the diesel engine is probably intended as a savings option and offered approximately 1,000 euros lower. It differs technically little from those of other manufacturers. Honda does not go along with any Eco frills and provides forthwith a model of less than 100 g/km. Interestingly, the petrol engine with an overhead camshaft, four valves and i-VTEC. So no turbo, but a switchable naturally aspirated engine from a certain rotation speed.

Honda has once again chosen a rather more exciting styling. Actually, everything is done to conceal the normally bulky rear of the station wagon. For this purpose the roof in fact does not fall to the rear in a bow, but slowly and evenly. The side windows to the rear rapidly lose height, what requires more painted metal above as well as below. Also, there are additional, huge bulges over the wheels.

The car gives inside the impression of a lot of room. Here the tank under the front seats fit particularly well, because this space rear will usable in addition. You must, however have two suitcases exactly suitable for under the back cover or omit this simple. However, the tank is dimensioned something scarce with 50 liters of volume for such a car. Otherwise you will see on our third video, how useful in each case the electronic control aids peel off each other. With the enormous hype on the stand at the IAA in Frankfurt, Honda seems to have a lot of plans with the car. 01/14>