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Ganz neu ...

Ganz neu ...

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Honda VTEC


2015 HR-V
2015 Jazz
2015 NSX
2015 CR-V
2014 Civic Tourer
2012 GoldWing
2012 Civic
2005 Repsol
2004 Rune
2003 Racing Bike
1999 S 2000
1997 1000 VTR
1992 Prelude
1992 Civic
1990 NSX
1990 750 VFR
1990 F1-engine
1987 CBR 1000 F
1986 VFR 750
1986 VF 1000 R
1986 CBR 600 F
1984 Civic
1979 1000 CBS
1979 Civic
1976 1000 RCB
1975 GoldWing
1972 Civic
1970 Z Coupe
1967 N 600
1965 S 800
1965 N 800
1959 CB 92

Honda Civic

Honda Civic
EngineFour-cylinder in-line
Displacement (bore*stroke)
Compression ratio
Engine control
Valves4 per cylinder
Drivetrain designFront drive, transverse
TransmissionManual six speed, automatic five-speed
Front suspensionMcPherson
Rear suspensionTwist-beam axle
SteeringRack and pinion, servo, electrical
BrakesDiscs, ventilated (front)
Wheelbase2.595 mm
Turn radius11.300 mm
Wheels195/65 R 15 (6")
225/45 R 17 (7")
Length4.300 mm
Width1.770 mm
Height1.470 mm
Drag coefficient0,27
Tank capacity50 liter
Payload volume min/max477/1378 liter
Payload380 kg
Trailer load1.500 kg
Kerb weight1300 kg + driver
Maximum speed
Sales price16.950 Euro

A striking appearance - also in white ...

You can see it a little bit also in the body, the air resistance. It is more than 10 percent better than that of a Golf, on which must be measured in general the cars of the compact class. Therefore you need not to ask, whence come the top speeds.

Only flying is more beautiful ...

But this form has just disadvantages. Rear exists not enough seat height and forward you will feel annoyed from the upper edge of the huge flat-lying the windscreen. In contrast, the car scores enormously with the size of the luggage compartment and the adjustability of the rear seats.

For the body a rearview camera makes sense ...

Even with the clarity it falls short. After all, under the rear spoiler is still a transparent piece of glass. But overall, the rear end including protruding C-pillars, concealed cleverly from outside, has not a good overview.

Driving noise level low, satisfactory processing

All in all, the manufacturers seem to give more room to the driving comfort after a rather hard phase. This seems also to apply for the newest Civic, although many a tester the steering seem to be too finely tuned. That is probably true for the operating at whose simplification would be still need reworking.

Honda has an impeccable reputation in the engine design. This is clearly in the performance data of petrol engines, but surprisingly almostmore in the diesel engines. At the large power and torque are to beat with great difficulty from its competitors, and for the announced little with 1.6 liters the data sounds promising, too.

Honda surprises as a diesel specialist a little, perhaps you notice it by the missing of noise refinement. Hopefully, the consumption values are somewhat practical. Also, at least the consumption is approaching in practice the normal values above slightly more than its competitors.

Useful and exaggerated proposals keep the balance in the instructions how to save fuel. Without doubt to the first category belongs the start-stop automatic and indicator lights to upshift. Perhaps more likely unnecessarily are the commentaries on accelerator position by colour-changing speedometer.

A little playful must be, who wants this car. Minus points gets the company when it comes to surcharges, where things are bundled together, which do not have much to do with each other in the daily life of a car purchase. 02/12

The purchase price significantly cheaper than a Golf

Against high value loss helps many years of property.

Finally, once again with a folding rear seat.