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Ganz neu ...

Ganz neu ...

Volvo history

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Volvo XC 90

Volvo XC90 2014
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement, (bore * stroke)
Compression ratio
Engine controlDOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
Mixture preparation
Drive trainFront-, all-wheel drive
TransmissionEight-speed converter automatic
BrakesDiscs, front ventilated
Suspension f/rDouble wishbone/trapezoidal link
Adjustment range air suspension30 mm
SteeringGear rack
Wheelbase2.984 mm
Turning circle11.900-12.100 mm
Length4.950 mm
Width2.140 mm
Height1.775 mm
Drag coefficient0.30
Tank capacity71 litres
Load volume310-1.899 litres
PayloadFrom 607 kg
Kerb weight1.940-2.143 kg incl. driver
Top speed
Purchase priceFrom 49,900 euro (March 2015)
Year of manufactureFrom 2015

Whether a New is actually more lightweight, we like to attach a question mark. Let's look at the car to order in advance at present, really well-equipped as all-wheel, then it has even 100 kg more weight. Although it has more performance than the from 2004, but was well a five-cylinder. However, the XC 90 has grown in length by 14 centimetres compared to its predecessor.

There are also available no longer five-cylinder engines at the other models of Volvo. And in order to carry the rationalization to extremes, even stroke and bore of two-liter petrol engine and -diesel are identical. This is still rare. And because we're just speaking of efficient production: All Volvos can be manufactured in future supposedly, because of a common platform, on one production line.

And yet this Scalable Platform Architecture allows the XC 90 sufficient scope. Have a look at this interior. Adjustable side framing and leg rests to the leather seats with Volvo engraving, with navigation a 12.3" display, only five control buttons, selector lever from cut crystal glass, plenty of space in the interior with third seat bench for people up to 1.70 metres. With seats folded down the rear offers a capacity up to 1900 litres.

Of course one has to consider the group background in this new model. One disentangles from the difficulties to have been part of the big Ford group until 2010. The Chinese company Geely has invested massively and the German Thomas Ingenlath has created the new design. It is deliberately conservative with a horizontal 'T' in the daytime running lights, which shall remember the God of Thunder 'Thor's Hammer'.

A failure to report on a still Volvo Sweden and not to mention its latest accident prevention measures. One has obviously read out statistics that often is made a wrong turn and therefore get in disastrous contact with the oncoming traffic. In this case, it is automatically braked and when deviate from the road lane, the seat belts are automatically tensioned. 09/14

The predecessor will soon be further produced in China.