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Ganz neu ...

Ganz neu ...

Volvo history

2015 S 90
2015 XC 90 Twin Engine
2014 XC 90
2014 V 70
2014 Engines
2013 V40 Cross Country
2013 XC 60
2013 PlugIn Hybrid
2013 V60 Plug-In-Hybrid1
2013 V60 Plug-In-Hybrid2
2012 V60 Plug-In-Hybrid
2012 C30 Electric
2012 V 40
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2010 V 60
2008 XC 60
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1968 P 1800 ES
1968 P 164
1967 P 145
1960 P 1800
1958 PV 544
1956 PV 121 Amazon
1956 P1900
1947 PV 444
1937 PV 52
1935 PV 36
1927 ÖV 4

  Volvo V 40

Volvo V 40
Displacement (bore*stroke)
Drivetrain designFront drive, transverse, all-wheel drive
TransmissionAutomatic six speed
Front suspensionMcPherson
Rear suspensionMultilink
SteeringRack and pinion, servo, electrical
Wheelbase2.647 mm
Turn radius10.800 mm
Wheels195/65 R 15
205/55 R 16
Length4.369 mm
Width1.802/2.041 mm
Height1.445 mm
Load volume335-1032 liter
Tank capacity62 liter
Kerb weight1380 - 1516 kg incl. driver
Payload509 - 536 kg
Maximum speed
Purchase pricefrom 24.680 Euro

No it is not a true estate car, as suggested by the letter 'V'. But where are followed finally decided once rules for the description? However, it has a large rear hatch, although arranged very obliquely. When one considers that Volvo installed especially just flaps in this system long ago.

The coupe-like forms are in demand again, albeit with four doors. Not particularly clear and also not for sitting giants rear, but with a lot of excitement, which is supported through concave, still within the rear doors short upward waving surfaces. The rest is done by the almost bizarre-shaped rear light, which all incoming edges brings together in an adventurous way (see rear view).

The wedge form dominates ...

A little bit of hip movement, garnished with a Snow White's coffin or better C30 trunk lid, one is miles away from the quiet-square design of previously. A modern Volvo is more like Ford or Opel than Mercedes or even Audi. And yet it competes actually more against the latter two and BMW, more precisely their (future) compact class. Nevertheless, it is for example still recognizable as a Volvo at its V-shaped bonnet.

Amazing what a straight line between the bonnet and windshield is possible despite only 4.4 meter external length. There the bottom edge of course can not have the same height like the at the sideways window areas. Double benefits for pedestrians stumbling on the bonnet, because on the occasion it sets not only abruptly steeper, but rather it comes as a world novelty also a saving air bag to light.

This company has always understood, the word 'security' to use for themselves. And now it also benefits still in general complete strangers. Hopefully, the overview does not suffer from the driver's seat, but for any actions there it is probably already too late. However, one can rely beforehand on a variety of assistance systems.

Apart from the pedestrian protection, there are the known steering wheel vibrations when leaving the trace accidentally, the traffic sign recognition and the further developed parking assistant. Even the (full beam) light is more sensitive to the traffic situation and the so-called 'Cross Traffic Alert "warns you in good time by observing the traffic behind when inserting into the same. The chapters about assistants, we will probably not get away, rather they will be constantly longer.

Thus, the potentially endangered pedestrian is treated not only accidental passive, but the whole vehicle safely braked beforehand up to a speed of 35 km/h. Of course, if someone jumps in front of the car probably this assistant is powerless, too, but it makes even sense as a pedestrian to seek out a Volvo V40 for his carelessness.

No special features are to be expected from the range of engines, except the fact that the smallest diesel brings down the 1.6 liters CO2-emissions limit to 94 g/km. Probably because of its compactness with this model no gas and E85 systems are planned. But of course, a four-wheel drive version there will be.

Nice that one can also tell about other innovations. Of course, even the of electronic nature, but very useful. Thus, the speedometer is designed as a digital display and has therefore absolutely different ways to give its informations. At first glance, it does not differ very much but can for example be provided with a different spreading. There still is coming something ... 03/12