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Volvo Amazon (P 120)

Volvo Amazon (B 16/B 18/B 20)
EngineFour-cylinder in-line
Displacement1583/1780/1990 cm³
Bore * stroke79,37/84,14/88,9 * 80 mm
CrankshaftMounted three-/five-fold
Compression-/8,5/- : 1
Mixture preparation1 downdraught carburetor/2 SU carburetor
Torque-/138-143/- Nm at -/2800-3500/-rpm
Performance44-61/50-59/60-74 kW (60-83/68-80/82-100 hp)
Rated speed4500-5500 / 4500-5600 rpm
DesignFront engine with rear wheel-drive
TransmissionThree-/four-speed, overdrive, automatic
Wheelbase2600 mm
Brakes f/rDrums, lated discs / drums, brake booster (estate)
SteeringWorm and roller
Tyres6.00 - 15 (4"), 6.40 - 15 (4,5") (estate)
Length4450 mm
Width1620 mm
Height1505 mm
DesignJan Wilsgaard
Tank capacity45 liter
Kerb weightca. 1070 kg + driver, estate 1200 kg
Top speed140 - 175 km/h
Construction year1956 - 1970
Electrical system6 / 12 V, 60 Ah, 380 W

There one tries to get away finally from the numbers as the type designation, prompt is something in between, namely the company Kreidler,whichthis name already has for protection. Nevertheless, the people called it 'Amazon', even though it now officially belongs to the 120-series. Originally it was intended to replace the old "hump". But during the creation of the 121 one decides to keep the old additionally in somewhat altered design. Therefore, the Amazon appears at first as a four-door, to justify its surcharge.

Under the body are at first glance no particular differences. Axle construction and wheelbase remained basically the same. Small changes, e.g. the relocation of the rear axle springs, reveal detailed work, the 121 helps with independent wheel suspension in front, well controlled rigid axle back, stabilizers and hydraulic shock absorbers to unproblematic and in some versions also sporty driving characteristics.

The body has become even more warp resistant. The interior is enough for four people and for five, if really needed. Nevertheless, there is still room for well lined seats with perforated leatherette cover. Solid looks it all, along with broad front seat linings and the rear center armrest. Much lacquer can be seen on the doors and the dashboard area, but that almost no one bothers these times. Also typical the long gear lever, where the first speed is engaged more upwards than forward.

Security has become even better in spite of relatively low gain weight. Indeed the tank is still filled from behind, but what with some competitors also will be for a long time, but otherwise he has kept all the facilities of the "hump", and enhanced during the course of its long production life. At the end are added the front disc brakes and a hydraulic distribution system, which is even named after the company Volvo. For this purpose are double lines to each front wheel, which requires at the local disc also double the number of pistons. Everything just so that despite the loss of a brake circuit still both front brakes can be operated. Only with the introduction of ABS this peculiarity disappears. 04/07               Top of page               Index
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