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Volvo V 60 Plug-In-Hybrid

Volvo V 60 Plug-In-Hybrid
EngineFive-cylinder in-line
SuperchargingTurbo charger
Torque440 Nm at 1500 - 3000 rpm
Power158 kW (215 HP) at 4000 rpm
Elektric engine50 kW (68 PS), 200 Nm
Battery230 V, 11,2 kWh
Drivetrain designFront engine, all-wheel drive
TransmissionAutomatic six-speed
Front suspensionMcPherson
Rear suspensionMultilink
Wheelbase2.776 mm
Wheels235/45 R 17
Length4.628 mm
Width1.865 mm
Height1.484 mm
Luggage compartmentApprox. 300 liter
Kerb weight2121 kg incl. driver
Maximum speed230 km/h
Purchase price56.900 Euro

It differs from ordinary hybrid vehicles because it can drive 50 km electrically, but even more because it is a diesel. Although only 1,000 will be built, the writing on the wall already points out that already with the delivery of the first, there are no other available anymore.

It is also not a small diesel, but a five-cylinder engine combined with a six-speed automatic. Modification works were kept within limits, that one drives the rear wheels with the electric motor. It can also alone, which then results in a total of three modes. According to the manufacturer the lithium-ion battery is recharged after 3.5 hours on a normal household outlet.

Because the battery could not be accommodated in the space between the wheels, the load sill is moved quite a bit to the top. The CO2-value we have not indicated above, because the electrical initial charging is not included here. So the car can reach theoretically just under 2 litres/100km, not to mention the second hundred kilometers.

But that is a privilege of all hybrids, especially of course of the plug-ins. Striking is the moderate price you can hardly imagine as to cover costs. After all, a car will offered with a diesel engine, automatic transmission and all-wheel drive . 5000 Euro extra charge for the entire additional electrical system appears as more than fair. That's why probably the great demand and the limited number.               Top of page               Index
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