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Volvo PV 544 (Duett)

Volvo PV 544 (B 16/B 18)
EngineFour-cylinder inline
Displacement1580/1780 cm³
Bore * stroke79,4*80/84,1*80 mm
CrankshaftMounted 3-fold/5-fold
Compression7,5 - 8,2 : 1
Cylinder headCast iron
ValvetrainOHV (rocker arm)
Mixture preparation1 downdraught-/SU-carburetor / two-carburetor system
Torque93/93/98 Nm at 2200/2200/2500 17min
Performance-/50-59 kW (-/68-80 hp)
Rated speed3800/4000/4500 rpm
DesignFront engine with rear wheel-drive
Wheelbase2600 mm
Suspension frontDouble wishbone, coil springs
Suspension rearRigid axle, coil springs
Brakes f/rDrums, single circuit
Length4450 mm
Width1590 mm
Height1560 mm
Kerb weightApprox. 1000 kg + driver
Top speedApprox. 120 km/h
Purchase price4.800 Kronen
Construction period1958 - 1969
VariantEstate car, two-doors
Specific feature12V system (1961)

The model designation has changed slightly compared to earlier. Now the number of passengers instead of the number of cylinders comes first. The successor of the PV 444 offers then obviously capacity for 5 people, although the size of the body has not changed. While the rear window was introduced without center bar still in the predecessor, now a continuous and slightly curved windscreen is used, which will allow 22% greater perspective.

But besides that is modified significantly. There is now a, at the time felt as fashionable, speedo with a horizontal band, a changed dashboard and even more safety equipment for which Volvo already has a name. The engine has been drilled out earlier to 1.6 liters and developed further to 1.8 liters of total displacement in 1961.

Actually, one did not expect the appearance of a modernized version of the PV 444, because there is now the 120-series with significantly more modern, more pontoon-like body. Nevertheless, the PV 544 prevail especially in the U.S. exports. In total it will be built in even greater numbers than the already very successful 444. Both together remain as "hump" Volvos still long associated with the brand of Volvo. 04/07               Top of page               Index
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