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Volvo S 90

Although the diesel and the petrol engine often have the approximately same displacement, but that still bore and stroke are the same is relatively rare. And because the diesel engine is designed rather something long-stroke, this is now valid for both engine types. Especially since modern petrol engines are anything but high-revving.

Also in this, the top-class model from Volvo, there's only four-cylinder in-line engines. One is proud on the achieved lightweight construction with light alloy cylinder blocks compared to previous models. However, if really the lightest model with 'only' front wheel drive still weighs incl. driver 1.800 kg, that is certainly not a glorious chapter.

The performances differ both case of the petrol and the diesel engine through the effort during charging. Here at the S90 does this mean for the petrol engine as the only turbocharger and compressor. The two highest power levels of the diesel engine have in contrast to those below double turbocharger connected in series.


Electrical rangeMax. 45 km
Capacity9,2 kWh
Electric motor - Performance65 kW (88 HP)
Electric motor - Torque240 Nm

Interesting, how hardly recognizable the hybrid drive is integrated. While the T8 gasoline engine mechanically drives the rear axle, the T6 Hybrid does this electrically, typical for Volvo. Except the higher weight and the purchase price, there is hardly a difference. Even the coolant pump operates electrically in both. Only the diesel obviously needs more than 400 W pump capacity and therefore has a mechanical pump.

All in all has been rationalized a lot here. All engines, the smaller models also, can be produced on one assembly line and the differences are limited to the bare minimum. But it is interesting that one has given the most powerful diesel engine, which has to deal without compressor, a tank always filled under pressure with suction air what helps to reduce the turbo lag a little 12/15

DRIVE-E, the new engine concept from Volvo