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  Maserati Ghibli

EngineSix-cylinder V engine (60°)
Displacement (bore * stroke)
Compression ratio
Engine control2 * DOHC, chain, 4 valves per cylinder
Mixture preparationDirect injection
Drive train
TransmissionEight-speed automatic
Wheelbase2.998 mm
Turning circle11.700 mm
Suspension f/rDouble wishbone
Brakes f/rDiscs, ventilated
Tyres f/r235/50 R 18 / 275/45 R 18 up to
245/35 R 21 / 285/35 R 20
Body4 door, notchback
Length4.971 mm
Width1.945/2.100 mm
Height1.461 mm
Boot capacity500 literes
Tank capacity80 litres
Kerb weight
ManufacturedFrom 2013
Maximum speed
Purchase price

Ghibli to the Third, and no longer as a sports car, but as limousine which makes much more sense. The Italian designers are also good at it. And then the trick to offer two limousines of greater lengths and smaller wheelbase differences. The V8 remains reserved for the larger limousine.

So that one get better accustomed to Ghibli with a diesel engine, this is the best acquirement. Nevertheless, it has pretty much performance under the hood. And for those who should be ashamed of diesel, there is the attempt of the acoustic deception between the four exhaust-pipe ends.

It can show off quite audible, the New. In the S-version as a boost indeed no longer, but with 1750 rpm, a significantly earlier onset of torque is possible. There is, in turn, the so-called ICE mode, where everything is smoother and the diesel engine remains below 2500 rpm.

The S-version pushes the prices up tremendously, the competition from Audi, BMW and Mercedes may really not be sad about it. But astonishing then, the moderate appearing surcharge for the all-wheel drive. Its added weight still restrains itself, the empty weight of the normal vehicle is so high that it is specified unusually without driver. Supposedly up to two tons are also already been measured. 07/14

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