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  Maserati 250 F - Piccolo

This is the echo of the very successful Maserati 250 F. With it Fangio has won the title in 1957, after constant improvements have made the vehicle more competitive. This includes the petrol injection, the tilting of the engine, whereby changes were possible to the sitting position. Also the exhaust pipes have been changed. Actually, the step to the V12 would have been logical for the next season, but the win of the world title has tired out the company.

One stands once again facing the financial abyss and must give up more racing plans. Some money flushed into the coffers these 'Piccolo' called version with a shortened chassis of the two were sold to America in 1958. But unfortunately, the team Temple Buell, at the eg Caroll Shelby also is involved, no success with it. 01/14               Top of page               Index
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