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Toyota Aygo

Toyota Aygo
EngineIn-line three-cylinder
Motor weight69 kg
Displacement998 cm³
Bore * stroke71 * 84 mm
Compression10,5 : 1
Torque93 Nm at 3600 rpm
Performance50 kW (68 HP)
Rated speed6000 rpm
ConstructionFront drive (transverse)
Wheel base2340 mm
Suspension frontMcPherson-spring struts
Suspension rearTwist
Brakes frontDiscs - internally ventilated
Brakes rearDrums
Tyres155/65 R 14 T (4,5")
Length3410 mm
Width1615 mm
Height1465 mm
Kerb weight905 - 930 kg incl. driver
Tank capacity35 liter
Trunk130/782 liter
Roof load50 kg
Top speed157 km/h
Year of construction2005
CO2-emission4,6 liter/100 km

In the giant group of Toyota Daihatsu is responsible for the smaller models. From this company comes also the engine, they are using now with slightly increased performance also in their cars. There are still 2, except for the outer shell the Aygo identical sibling, the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 107. All three are produced in the Czech Republic (Kolin).

So we can assume that the car was also developed with view to the European market. For such a small car but quite thriftless forms demonstrate this. Nevertheless, there are also objective reasons for some gag in the design. Thus, the rear wheels are moved as far back almost as if they were not part of the Aygo. This is important to allow at distinctly below 3.5 m a fairly large wheelbase and optionally 4 doors.

Particularly serious, it is also not in the interior. However, the possible use of the individual functions is not neglected. Even the colours are rather quiet. Overview and room for passengers are not an issue by very consequent use of space. Rather, the weekly shopping of four persons with three, you can fold the rear seat back accordingly.

In general, the available equipment can hardly leaves nothing to be desire but then is also increasing the price. Together with the automated manual gearbox you can easily get over the € 12,000 threshold, while for Japanese cars are also taken into account even the slightly higher transportation costs. Thereby is the abroad indeed available 1.4-liter diesel not even in the program.

Those who know how to treat the Aygo well is rewarded with a pleasant noise level. The almost entirely unfounded fear of stalling the engine sometimes makes one to floor the smooth throttle a little too much quite what the sporty side of the engine shows at least at the sound. Driving with a lot of effort and speeding on the highway pushes the consumption even over the 6-liter limit, which is normally less than 5. There would be possible even a three before the comma at very slow speeds over the country road.

Finally, the car is quite consequently trimmed for light weight. And of course the sound fits when slamming the doors, this is to eliminate usually only with heavy insulating mats. Advantage of this is a vitality that one would not have believed in view of the performance. There it also has a little easier the undercarriage and for example the servo steering. The latter can be turned off nearly at higher speeds for improved steering feeling.

However, care should be taken if possible to load the car from front to rear, because the crosswind one can even spoil the fun a little. For this one sits surprisingly well, and who thinks one could use only the car in city traffic has not yet know its long fifth gear on the highway. However, it is announced in front of hills early and courageous full throttle, in order to arrive not to slow to up. It's amazing what all is possible with nearly 3.5 meters in length. 08/08