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  Toyota MR 2

EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement (bore*stroke)1.794 cm³ (79,0 mm * 91,5 mm)
Compression ratio10,0 : 1
Engine controlDOHC, variable intake control (VVT-i)
Valves4 per cylinder
Mixture preparationEFI-D-Jetronic
CoolingPump circulation, 10,4 litres
LubricationPump circulation, 3,7 litres
Maximum torque170 Nm at 4.400 rpm
Maximum performance103 kW (140 HP) at 6.400 rpm
CO2-emission178 g/km
TransmissionManual, five-speed
Drive trainMidsized engine, transversal, Rear drive
Wheelbase2.450 mm
Turning circle l/r10.600/10.300 mm
Front suspensionMcPherson, coil springs
Rear suspensionMultilink, coil springs
Brakes f/rDiscs, iventilated, servo, ABS, braking force limiter
Wheels f/r185/55 R 15 (6") / 205/50 R 15 (6,5")
Length3.885 mm
Width1.695 mm
Height1.240 mm
Drag coefficient0,35
Luggage compartment90 litres
Payload250 kg incl. driver
Kerb weight1.050 kg incl. driver
Tank capacity48 litres
Top speed210 km/h
Purchase price44,900 DM
Electric system12 V/ 45 Ah /80 A

They were my favorite, manoeuvrable, small sports car with mid-mounted engine, as convertible or Targa, but as well as a closed coupé because possibly a little more lightweight. However, though a convertible, the MR2 actually was part of this target group because of its weight. However, I was not used that I could take only so few luggage with me because of the payload and even more the storage space.

Front under the bonnet was only just a little space for the spare wheel. Behind the drive was apparently absolutely no space. It would not matter to me if it were a little warmer there, but at least one could place normal baggage and souvenirs. The above entered 90 litres relate solely to the space behind the seats.

No, an additional vehicle for the holiday, I would certainly not want to buy. A car for 45,000 DM, just for the fun of driving on the country road in the evening, this would not have occurred to me. A little more practical, it should really be. However, my vehicles had not quite as much performance as the MR2. And the driving characteristics were a bit more comfortable.

Vehicles with mid-mounted engines are not without problems in the border area. Take a look at the second video how the young Tim Schrick sometimes corrected quickly. There obviously it is not done with simple countersteering. For me, the steering of the MR2 would be too nervous. My driving skills were not sufficient for the narrow border area. But not everyone must be able to do everything.

The excellent braking equipment would have delighted me, not least because of the good weight distribution in accordance with the mid-mounted engine. The suspension of the MR2 was able to convince even over long distances. Impressive is the passable low tendency to twisting at this low weight. Also, one could appreciate the glass pane in the convertible roof. Although it was not as huge as the of the hardtop, but had filaments and you had not to pay as much attention to it as when fold up foil.

The simplicity of the roof opening has been praised. Beautiful such thing especially without electric drive. Behind were engine and power transmission, which have given the car its type designation as 'Midship' and 'Rear drive'. The '2' indicated the number of seats. The important Hardtop was naturally an extra (3,300 DM), while the air conditioning for 3,400 DM was perhaps unnecessary in a convertible, right? But calm down, the Mazda MX 5 and MGF were just as expensive. 06/15