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Lately, the world economy suffers increased at a not particularly new affliction, the greed for more and more money without the appropriate support. On paper, the world has obviously a multiple of their real value. One could also say that there will be traded with values that do not exist.

It is time that all transactions in shares/derivatives are again covered by assets. The only way they are useful to mankind. What that has to do now with the Toyota group? Who traced back its origin, has the feeling here the world was for a long time yet in order and here modesty has led to global success.

Take the name. 'Toyoda' should mean in Japanese as much as 'rice fields with good harvest'. There will be clearly the farming background of the company founder although his grandfather no longer belonged to the, but was carpenter and his father has emerged as a producer of looms. Him he owes the company's existence.

Kiichiro Toyoda, is recognized as the founder of the actual car company, but already his father had the idea after he had taken a significant income out the long-term tinkering in the automation of looms. Kiichiro can put these financial resources as a trained mechanical engineer in an automobile production from 1934. The 'Toyota Motor Corporation's is created in 1937.

Even this date indicates the focus of the group. Because the Second World War began in the Pacific region two years earlier than in Europe. Thus, demanded are primarily trucks and a clever production with adequate number of units. Absolutely targeted action distinguishes the company even after the war. What an efficiency to move from the market conditions in Japan on the world market with absolute favoring the small car.

Gradually, the bastions be conquered, not even as last the United States. One follows the example of the VW Beetle and acquires a reputation with absolute reliability at acceptable prices. In the eighties one sells to the Americans even luxury cars (Lexus from 1989), also because the Germans have moved too much from moderate prices.

It goes up and Toyota advanced to the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, before GM and VW in 2009. It will be probably take some time, to find the real reasons for the further ongoings of 2010. Fact is the very easy access to a driving license in USA. This then produce drivers, the with a accelerator pedal jammed phone for advice rather than courageously stepping on the brake.

There then is helpless also a rational thinking car company (similar to Audi a few years earlier) and the media in the U.S. do the rest to leverage their own automobile industry. And when Toyota finally seems to be under control the relatively large recall campaigns and the resulting loss of sales, in 2011 earthquake, tsunami and the events of Fukushima.

Slowly, the company seems to recover. What remains is still in fact good reputation of Toyota products and a certain reputed competency in environmental technologies. It was said earlier of the Japanese to copy. That has now reversed. As an example, you can click on this page. 05/12

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