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  Subaru Levorg

EngineBoxer four-cylinder
Displacement (bore*stroke)1599 cm³ (79,8 mm * 82,0 mm)
Compression ratio11,0 : 1
Mixture formationDirect injection
Torque250 Nm at 1800-4800 rpm
Performance125 kW (170 HP) at 4800-5600 rpm
CO2-emission159-164 g/km
TransmissionContinuously variable automatic
Drive trainFront engine, rear drive
Wheelbase2.570 mm
Turning circle10.800 mm
Front suspensionMcPherson
Suspension rearMultilink
Brakes f/rDisks, front ventilated
Wheels205/55 R 16 (6,5")
215/45 R 17 (7")
Length4.690 mm
Width1.780 mm
Height1.485 mm (incl. antenna)
Luggage compartment522 - 1.446 litres
Tank capacity60 litres
Top speed210 km/h
Payload450 kg
Kerb weight1.537 kg incl. driver
Purchase priceFrom 28.900 Euro
PresentationTokyo Motor Show 2013
ManufacturedFrom 2014

The name 'Levorg' is made up from the words Legacy, Revolution and Touring. Artificial names are becoming more and more fashionable. One only has to consider Opel's 'Karl' (joke). The Levorg replaces the Legacy and slots in between the Imprezza and the Outback. Indeed, while we're on the subject of legend-building, the Levorg is not called an Estate Car, but a Sports Tourer.

Not a legend, is the description 'symmetrical all-wheel drive', looking at it from above, the Subaru power-train with the boxer engine, front-wheel drive and a cardan shaft leading to the rear axle, presents a harmonious looking construction. Astonishingly enough, is that despite having a boxer engine, it still has long nose, which it, by no means hides but rather emphasises it with a lot of chrome.

They don't seem to have estimated the current market correctly, because the market now, seems to favour shorter and higher vehicles, also known as 'small' SUVs, with optional 2WD. In this respect, Subaru doesn't offer a choice. The two-litre, 221 kW (300HP) is also not offered, at least not in Europe. See also video 3. Whether or not the air-scoop on the bonnet and the twin-exhausts are fitting for the 125 kW (170HP), which has to move more than 1,5 tons tare, is questionable. At least there is a diesel-engined model which has a similar amount of torque.

A Japanese car may be able to neglect the Diesel technology (not available in the foreseeable future), but on no account can it neglect the electronics. The manufacturer has given the Eyesight System priority. It is made up of warning or braking before a possible collision, improved stability-control, the track-holding assistant and enhanced cruise-control functions. Eyesight is supported by a stereo camera, about which it is said, that it can, e.g., locate children, bicycles and colours better than laser- sonar or radar supported systems. 07/15