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Subaru Legacy Diesel

If inertial forces first and second order are perfectly balanced then this is for sporty, high-speed petrol engines certainly an advantage. But this is also true for a diesel, whose rated speed is also still well below 4000 rpm? After all, it benefits, technical seen from the suspension, from the low center of gravity.

When it comes to technical interest, this new engine is always fascinating. Of short length with a cylinder crankcase of aluminum, not wider than a petrol engine of the same type and equipped with all the benefits of modern diesel technology. The only thing missing: the system of closed particle filter.

A diesel engine with four overhead camshafts, there it is easier for the inline engine. After all, they are driven by a chain. The main bearing of the crankshaft between each of the cylinders is not common in the history of the boxer engine, but e.g. at Porsche from 911 norm and probably necessary for a diesel. Also interesting is the square instead of the long-stroke configuration.

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