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Subaru WRX STI

Between 2011 below and 2018 above was a facelift in which e.g. the headlights were switched to LED, also the main and high beam. In addition, the fog lights still moved upwards. At the rear, a mix with e.g. conventional lights as reversing lights.

Technically, this WRX STI has not changed much in time. It remained with a turbocharged boxer with 2.5-liter displacement, 6-speed and fairly adjustable four-wheel drive. Economical, this combination is not, but conveys quite a lot of driving pleasure as a formerly quite successful rally car.

Conspicuous is the more homely looking, compact sedan by ingredients of STI, a tuner only for Subaru, which strangely enough kept the huge rear spoiler kept even as base, but the scoop in the hood as option available. Obviously, despite the diffuser, the rear spoiler might be responsable for the excellent handling especially on snow (video below). For this, of course, a certain hardness of the suspension is to be accepted, not to be mitigated by any settings.

But you can switch ESP nearly totaly off and learn drifting (on closed terrains). The basis here is a little more torque to the rear than on the front axle. At least from 4000 rpm upward helps a really gripping engine. If you still want to buy the car, you have to hurry, because it is only available 2018. It begins already lacking some assistants. 01/18

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