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Flat Six
2015 Levorg
2013 BRZ
2012 Forester
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2011 Terzia
2011 WRX STI
2009 Outback
2009 Legacy
2008 Legacy Diesel
2008 WRX STI
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1958 Van 360
1958 360


Subaru 360
EngineR-2 two-stroke
Displacement356 cm│
Bore * stroke61,5 * 60 mm
Compression ratio6,5 : 1
Mixture formationCarburetor
Torque29 Nm at 3000 rpm
Performance11,8 kW (16 hp)
Rated speed4500 rpm
Gear box4-M
DesignRear engine
Wheelbase1800 mm
Suspension frontWishbone
Suspension rearSwing axle
Brakes f/rDrums
Body2 door, limousine, estate car, convertible
DeveloperShinroku Momose
Length2990 mm
Width1300 mm
Height1380 mm
Kerb weight385 kg + driver
Years of construction1958 - 1970
Top speedApprox. 90 km/h
ManufacturerFuji Heavy Industries

The developers in Japan were - at this time from the Ministry of International T rade and Industry by tax incentives - constricted in the form of strict rules. Thus the external dimensions and, for example the displacement are prescribed. After all, within these narrow limits still is created a nice car, when Japanese design standards being considered. A lot of work and effort is put into the details.

Four years should have taken the development to the start of production. At this time, of course one can offer at 360 cc onlya two-stroke engine, in order to reach the higher areas in Japan. After all, later emerge versions with 18 kW (25 hp) and even 26 kW (36 hp).

With the body mixes old and new. The bad wipers equipment for co-driver is still today in Japanese cars. However, 1958, bring out a car with rear-hinged doors (suicide doors), this already requires courage or ignorance of the European market. For this is the with rubber lips attached roof (picture) made of fiberglass reinforced plastic almost revolutionary. GM only uses it in the series for the Corvette. 04/09