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Subaru XV

Subaru XV
EngineBoxer four-cylinder
Compression ratio
Drive trainFront engine, longitudinal, permanent all-wheel drive
Wheelbase2.635 mm
Turning circle11.300 mm
Front suspensionMcPherson
Rear suspensionTrailing arm/wishbone, spring strut
Brakes f/rDiscs, front ventilated
Wheels225/55 R 17 (7")
Body4-doors, with tailgate
Length4.455 mm
Width1.780 mm
Height1.570 mm
Boot capacity380 - 1.270 liter
Tank capacity60 liter
Maximum speed
Kerb weight
Purchase price
ManufacturedFrom 2011

Above the popular Forester one had no luck with the Tribeka. The large SUV probably looked too American and was located with its six-cylinder boxer engine in a different price class. Now one tries it just below the Forester, very scarce, as confirmed by the measurements. The wheelbase is nearly identical down to 2 cm. In the length the new loses about 10 cm, mainly at the expense of the luggage compartment, the has now only 380 instead of 450 liters.

The optics wins by the brevity and the more emphasized wheel arches, inside there is a too small screen. The XV can obviously be offered much cheaper because it also has on offer a smaller engine and only two instead of four or five equipment components. The only diesel engine in both vehicles will somewhat easier to deal with the XV although it is only 50 kg lighter, but less high, and perhaps also more aerodynamic.

But quieter it is not, but maybe there are at a boxer diesel some things differently from at a boxer petrol engine, which actually guarantees a smooth run. As indeed also the aerodynamics could need still fine-tuning concerning the volume. The long transmissions are just fine to save fuel. However, this includes a diesel engine evolving at low revs more torque.

That Subaru is fit in all-wheel technology, need not be emphasized here. Only compact cars and small cars of the company are without. However, one can not, as from other suppliers, buy the car with only front wheel drive. For this, the prize is an argument at the XV, even more than at the Forester. Who wants outside slightly more chic and may dispense with some luggage space and fine-tuning, for the XV is a low-cost solution. 09/13