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Subaru B 11 S

Subaru B 11 S
EngineBoxer six-cylinder, twin turbo
Displacement3000 cm│
Torque550 Nm at 3600 - 4800 rpm
Performance294 kW (400 hp)
Rated speed6400 rpm
Gearbox5 sequential
TypeAll-wheel drive, variable torque distribution
Body4 door, GT
DesignKiyoshi Sugimoto
Wheelbase2800 mm
Length4785 mm
Width1935 mm
Height137 mm
Tyres f/r275/35 R 21 Z / 325/30 R 21 Z
Kerb weight1580 kg
PresentationGenf - 2003

Spontaneously, I thought at first sight of the draft to Alfa, others discover Jaguar similarities. But is the development still possible of a good car design without anyone discovers similarities to other models?

The really important thing about this concept car next to the beauty of the model the message of the advancement in the GT upper class. For two years, there is at Fuji Heavy Industries a new boss and since one year a new management of the design department. The studio in Barcelona with Erwin Himmel is now fully integrated.

Thus at this study, we see the turn toward European design, the last stumbling block for the acceptance of Japanese automobiles. This car could compete on equal terms yes, by certain innovations in this segment still have the edge.

A GT for four people still in an acceptable length. Granted, the side view is really the of the same time as series production car appearing RX 8. After all, both front car designs start from a very low front engine. Practical and unusually for this class the load-through ability from the luggage compartment to the interior.