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Bugatti Galibier

Bugatti Galibier
Displacement7993 cm³
Bore * stroke86 * 86 mm
Engine controlDOHC
ChargingCompressor, two-stage
LubricationDry sump
PerformanceApprox. 662 kW (900 HP)
TypeFront engine with all-wheel drive
Force transferDouble-clutch transmission
TransmissionSeven-speed sequential
BrakesCarbon - internally ventilated
SuspensionTriangular transversal pivotal arm,
Electronic damping control
BodyGRP, aluminum
Top speedMore than 300 km/h
Purchase priceProbably well over 1 million euros

It has become a bit quiet around the Bugatti Galibier, named after a challenging alpine pass. It is launched in 2009 and presented at the Geneva Motor Show in spring 2010. One had originally planned to build only 300 Veyron and presents here a kind of successor.

'Galibier' was also called a Type 57 from 1934 ...

Those who already have everything, the fastest sedan in the world should this time be offered, probably not cheaper than the first Bugatti under the umbrella of the Volkswagen Group. Look at the amazing pictures of the long version of the video below.

In principle the engine is taken over. Although with slightly less power, but probably almost unabated torque. This time the charge ensures this with compressor instead turbo. Maybe a indication of power rating is not sufficient, because the motor should be operated optionally with ethanol. With this is probably meant E85.

Of course, it is the spitting image of the Veyron but also echoes of the classic Bugatti are to find. Since there is the ridge running above the roof that divides even the rear window and the hood. There one borrows without doubt something from the Type 57SC from 1936/37.

When the car comes, the mystery of the VW Upper remains. Perhaps indeed the change in the presidency of Bentley from Paefgen to Dürheimer leaves behind first traces ... 08/13

Video in long version ...

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