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Jean Bugatti

Although he was known as 'Jean', his full name was Gianoberto Carlo Rembrandt Ettore. He was Ettore 'Bugattis eldest child and, it is said, also the most talented. Already at the age of only 21, he assisted his father. His abilities as a designer were always pointed out.

Indeed, he also gained a lot of experience in the other important facets of motor car construction. After the economic crisis of 1930/31, a change in the responsibilities of the company was indicated. This took place officially in 1936. his father Ettore had to find access to other financial sources, he was more often in Paris dealing with railway-constructions than he was in Molsheim.

Under Jean Bugatti's management, the company would have probably had a further future and this would probably, also have opened up new approaches for his father. Indeed, the creator of such unforgettable cars like the Royale and in particular, the 57 SC Atlantic, died in 1939, at the age of 30, during a test-drive not far from the factory. His father never got over the death of his son. 08/14

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