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Bugatti - Meo Costantini

The famous Type 35 was the focal point in Bartolomeo 'Meo' Costantini's carreer. With this, the most legendary of all Bugatti-racing cars, he won the Targa Florio twice. The Targa Florio course is also shown on the rear spoiler, very inconspicuously of course, on the silver coloured underside.

Costantini, the same as Wimille later, came to Ettore Bugatti's notice, while racing a Bugatti Type 13 that he had modified himself. The good relationship between Bugatti and the Italian started in 1923. From 1927, Costatini would soon also be the racing-technology-adviser in the company.

In Bugatti's heyday, Costantini raced for the company, e.g., to victory at the Spanish Grand-Prix and the one in Milan in 1926, as well as a second place in Monza. He managed the works-team from 1927 onwards and left the company in 1937.

Altogether, with its 2000 victories, the Bugatti 35 is considered to be the most successful racing car of all times. Sometimes, after the winning the race, the cars were sold directly to wealthy clients. The Type 35 counts as being agile, lightweight and perfectly balanced. Despite having a cubic-capacity of only two-litres, it did, after all, have eight cylinders and 74 kW (100 HP).

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