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Ettore Bugatti

It had all been accomplished. After having built and delivered 400 vehicles, they had thought out something very special for the following year. It was planned that six people from the Bugatti circle and Ettore Bugatti himself, should each be honoured by having a vehicle bearing their names. The models were then each presented at one of the numerous motor-shows around the world.

All together, of each model only three were to be built and sold. The basis was the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse with 882 kW (1200 HP). The last of the Legends, which is dedicated to Ettore Bugatti himself, is orientated on the Royale, whereby, it's not so much the size, but the colouring that plays a part. Hand-buffed aluminium up front and with carbon-fibre dominating the rear.

The price of the last three Legends amounts to € 2,35 million, whereby the supplement 'net' probably points out, that the vehicles can be bought as company cars without taking the VAT (Value Added Tax) into consideration. 08/14

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