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  Rolls-Royce Ghost II

Rolls-Royce Ghost II
EngineV twelve-cylinder
Displacement (bore * stroke)6.592 cm³ (89,0 mm * 883, mm)
Engine controlDOHC, chain
Mixture preparationDirect injection
Valves4 per cylinder
Torque780 Nm at 1500 rpm
Performance420 kW (571 HP) at 5250 rpm
CO2-emission327 g/km
Drive trainFront engine, rear drive, optional
TransmissionEight-speed automatic
Wheelbase3.295 mm
Turning circle13.400 mm
Suspension f/rDouble wishbone
Brakes f/rDiscs, ventilated
Wheels255/50 R 19 (8,5")
Length5.399 mm
Width1.948 mm
Height1.550 mm
Tank capacity83 litres
Boot capacity490 litres
Payload580 kg
Kerb weight2.435 kg incl. driver
Top speed250 km/h
Purchase priceFrom 253.000 euro
Year of manufactureFrom 2014
Electric system12 V/ 90 Ah/ 210 A

Is this really the car for people who are looking for well-being on the one hand and on the other hand as unique being go out into the world strong-willed and successfully boost the economy, without which it would be significantly worse with employment? Probably as much a cliche as the assumption earlier, that a Rolls-Royce is sustainable because it will presumably be inherited.

Or even the statement, it would never break down. Or: The manufacturer would not send invoices for repairs or replacement parts, because he was afraid for his reputation. All unverifiable facts or rumours. But fact is that 70 percent of all ever produced Rolls-Royce driving around yet, how many kilometers/miles per year soever.

To stay with the wisdom: With a Rolls-Royce, it is as with a lover, only reversed. So as lovers seem to be immune against cheating, so one is obviously immune against this car, unless one have the tendency to stand out from the crowd, a certainty, to have left the average people miles behind.

Perhaps this is the reason why people, who will drive the Rolls-Royce by themselves, is said to have rather a sense of serenity. Quite in contrast to drivers of super sports cars, still looking for the fight. That would let appear these persons somewhat sympathetic almost again at all desire for luxury and probably wasting.

From an expensive sports car, one has already pulled out somebody and beaten in bad times, never from a Rolls-Royce. We will see if that is only due to the virtues of the old moneyed aristocracy, which has come slowly to wealth, or whether also the nouveau riche can defend this position in the Rolls-Royce. Interesting will be the difference between self-acquired and inherited wealth.

Or whether the Rolls-Royce brand finally suffers as a result. But so far the opposite is the case. Although BMW has lost to Bentley (VW) the traditional manufacturing facilities e.g. in Crewe (England), but instead partly replaced by ultra-modern in its German plants. The final assembly takes place again in Chichester, 100 km south of London, more recently, again supported by numerous suppliers.

After all, more than 3,600 units of the at least 250,000 € expensive car have left the factory last year. So obviously, the number of conquerors of economic worlds increased or the stylish enjoyment of a Rolls-Royce has more widespread under these. 06/14               Top of page               Index
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