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Charles Stuart Rolls

An apparently multifaceted personality. On one hand after two brothers and a sister the 'benjamin' (* 1877) of Baron Llangattock, the owns a huge country estate with hundreds of servants allegedly, on the other hand so stingy that he let pay friends for the surcharge first class when he was traveling by train, again allegedly.

He's clearly the most flamboyant of the two founders of Rolls-Royce. Been born in London, however feels closer to his native country Wales. Since on the Eaton College his love has awakened for engines, you canmeet him quite well in a less presentable outfit with black hands.

In Wales, there are only three vehicles with combustion engines 1894. One of these belongs to the only 19-year-old Rolls. It's a Peugeot Phaeton, just imported from France. Rolls becomes cofounder of the Automobile Club of Great Britain who tries to get rid of the enormous limitations of the unfortunate Red Flag Act, what succeeds to some extent in 1896.

Charles Rolls completes a study at Trinity College, Cambridge as an engineer and after an interlude on a steamboat, with his father's money founds a workshop and a shop in London. He is successful as one of the first racers of England also on the continent. Of course, he also wins the first real race in his home country over 1,000 miles.

The company is called 'C. S. Rolls' and soon receives a 'Co.' because the company founder outgrows the trade with French and Belgian cars and their repair. When the business is doing worse, it comes to the fateful meeting with Henry Royce through the mediation of Henry Edmunds, a friend from the car club.

Charles Rolls must have been a charming guy with no little effect on women. Unfortunately, the major passion of this sporting man do not diminish but it passes over from the early car to the still earlier aircraft. The second pilot's license at all in England and first return flight across the English Channel, and again a lot of trophies are typical for him.

Unfortunately, the competition in Bournemouth is located on the way of the 33 year old. Here he tries to correct a less good result at the landing through a second attempt, as his Wright machine breaks at the rear and he lands, not only hard on his back, but the engine explodes also. Rolls is thus also the first victim of aviation in England. 10/12

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