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Rolls-Royce - History

The first meeting between Charles Rolls and Henry Royce occurs through the mediation of a common friend, Henry Edmunds. The lures Rolls to Manchester with a description and pictures enclosed of this new car from British production. The two seem immediately to understand so well that the return to London promptly will take place in the new car.

The business partner agrees and then the company formation of Rolls-Royce, nothing stands in the way. Just a few changes are made to the 10-HP-car, most important the striking radiator as trademark from the beginning.There appears to have found each other an excellent salesman and an engineer who aspires for best performances. The two-cylinder car will be famous for its incredible low noise level for the time.

That Rolls is called in the naming first, may have tonal, but also business reasons. After all, Rolls has the contacts with potential customers. Nevertheless, both seem to fit together, Royce forced to thrift from birth at Rolls as an unalterable disposedness. It's the year 1904 and we see a company grow which will lose independence not until 2000. 10/12

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