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  Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit
EngineV eight-cylinder (90°)
Displacement, (bore * stroke)6.750 cm³ (104,1 mm * 99,1 mm)
Compression ratio9,0 : 1
Engine controlohv
Mixture preparation2 horizontal draught carburettors
Lubrication9,4 litres
Cooling16,2 litres
Drive trainFront engine, rear drive
TransmissionThree-speed torque converter automatic (GM)
Wheelbase3.061 mm
Front suspensionDouble wishbone
Rear suspensionSemi-trailing arms, air spring system and coil springs
Wheels235/70 HR 15 (6")
Drag coefficient0,42
Length5.268 mm
Width1.887 mm
Height1,485 mm
Tank capacity113 litres
Payload453 kg
Kerb weight2.245 kg + driver
Top speed193 km/h
Purchase priceApprox. 200,000 DM
Year of manufactureFrom 1980
Electric system12 V/ 68 Ah/ 900 W

Recognizable by the new headlights

Who had fine ears, already could hear the swan song at the presentation of the Silver Spirit. Since 1973 one belonged to the Vickers Group and was detached from the (more successful) power train sister company, but the would maybe only still enjoy this Spririt-model and the successors of the same name.The once glorious Rolls-Royce brand was given into foreign hands in 1977.

One was holding the wolf by the ears. If one took seriously the environmental requirements become known since 1974, then the car would be garbled beyond recognition. But if it would remain at more than 2 tons in spite use of aluminum , then the conflict with the environment would be guaranteed. Of course, the engine well-known to be fond of drinking contribute its mite to the difficult situation.

Remains the task to present one of the last ones who has not changed. A look at the standard equipment shows what normal cars have made for progress today, because central locking with power windows, electrically adjustable seats and a climatronic and heat insulation glass, level control and cruise control are available together with leather interior either as standard due to the equipment, or can be ordered in addition.

Nevertheless, there remains typical for the enormous effort which is made during the development of a new Rolls. Thus, the heated rear window switches on by itself when it should be necessary. The now had become unacceptable, standard cassette radio was improved in a special way towards good sound. Good that thereby helps also the famous V8 with its extremely low noise level.

What is striking is the contrast to today's cars at the steering wheel. Here particularly attract attention the of the Rolls-Royce in its simplicity. Thus, the root wood behind it has a special effect. Too bad that you can not transmit via the Internet the smells of the standard leather seats. One can of course also take carefully selected suede, of course without the odours.

New: when touching folding away Emily

So what has really changed compared to its predecessor? First is to mention the new rear axle, which is actually inadequately described with the term 'semi-trailing link axle'. It has additional struts, and especially to the coil springs by Citroen a hydropneumatic system still bought in addition. Both together on an axis is rare and probably intended by the manufacturer rather as avoidance of a failure in any circumstances.

Since in contrast to the Citroen the rear axle only has so much extra comfort, you now know exactly where are the best places in the Rolls-Royce, by the way againdifferent from the predecessor with individual seats. Also new an enormous space for the legs, which can be still enlarged by the additional designation 'Spur'. From the enlarged window areas one also benefits rear.

Das soll natürlich nicht heißen, dass man sich im Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit in jedem Fall nur chauffieren lässt. Selbst fahren macht auch Spaß. Alles geht leicht, quasi von selbst. Und solange man nicht versucht, rüpelhaft schnell zu sein, ist man with dem Auto im Einklang. Wunder darf man von dem doch recht schweren und eher auf Komfort getrimmten Gefährt nun nicht gerade erwarten. 05/14-->

That is not to say that in any case you will only be chauffeured in the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit. Self-driving is also fun. Everything is smooth-running, almost by itself. And as long as you do not try to be boorishly fast you are in line with the car. Miracles can not be expected of the vehicle, fairly heavy and more focused on comfort. 05/14               Top of page               Index
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