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1993 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur

One gains four inches mainly on the back seat compared to the Silver Spirit. The car is then 5.37 m long with plastic cover on the roof. The potential customers, although not necessarily for this lengthened model divide into new rich and those driving a Rolls is normal. Although of course new rich rather be in danger to be again new poor.

Whether the always-already-rich buy even today a Rolls to bequeath it to their children, that seems to be the case more likely no longer. Too fast the development of technology has become. Especially since the company is not particularly famous for the rapid introduction of innovations. It has introduced, for example, the airbag in the Corniche not until 1989. Who would recommend his children still a car without this safety feature?

Because the two-ton weight of a Rolls-Royce, of course, not only originate from the weight of the body but also apply many components that a normal car does not have or are not so complicated such as the rear axle, of course, the repair cost risk is greater. Thus, for example, the rear brake hydraulic is connected on rather complex manner with the damping, can prevent too strong nod of the car when braking. Caution, because on the one side the wheel nuts have left- and on the other side right-hand thread.

This is also due to the fact that the average car has been caught up pretty much e.g. at the durability of the body. The had in the days of the Silver Spur and before probably only at Rolls-Royce a much better rust protection. Strangely enough, these cars were even only washed by hand what is certainly different today. But despite all commercial considerations, no one will deny that these cars are driven out of love for a luxurious workmanship and maybe a little because of their prestige.

This can be seen probably at that time on the highway even clearer than today, where increased inflationary the number of prestigious cars. Those who can afford the enormous consumption of 20 litres/100km and more when driving fast, the hardly anything is in the way, especially not on the left highway lane. Because there is noticeable the huge, hand-made cooler which is always bent a little to look particularly straight. While others, particularly small cars of the time will be rather noisy at high speed, inter alia the really old-fashioned-looking body leaves nothing to be desired.

Speaking of longevity. One advertises at the time that two-thirds of all Rolls-Royce are still the world which of course at such expensive models is less an art as at a VW Beetle. Crazy by the way, that one says only that Porsche has the ignition lock on the left side of the steering wheel, a left steered Rolls Silver has even. Amazingly even, that one makes indeed for the engine neither performance nor rotational speed data, however, the increase in performance of the V8 by the Bosch fuel injection indicates very precisely in percent.

There is still a distinctive contrast. You sit absolutely sheltered in this car, surrounded by very great calm. There is indeed this humorous comparison between the ticking of the clock and the noise, the a gravel path makes in front of a villa was, if at all, at that time probably only possible in an upper class model. Presumably, however, in this car one can relax very well from a busy manager day. In addition the wonderful smell of leather, if the air conditioner has not a bad day.

This private life, particularly in the Silver Spur not yet been lengthened and at this time, are opposed to an interest of the outside world, that is unparalleled. You can not simply anonymously creep through the mass. Or the girlfriend pick up somewhere, although one still has a wife. How to be dressed? Particularly preppy or consciously brash is possible in between is taboo. Or imagine that you would roof battens transport with such a car. That could only with sunglasses. People need an explanation, and indeed one that suits the car.

So who could afford it, and to whom much attention did not care or even was welcome was served well with this car. Although the Silver Spur naturally almost more likely is designed for operation with chauffeur. In the best case, that are by the way professionals trained by the manufacturing company itself, almost at the level of valets. Then, however, is another master about this wonderful front ambience where walnut and Connolly leather alternating with each other.

Then at that time the fuel stops are only a problem because the tank has a capacity of only 108 liters, what is enough when driving fast for well 400 km. It would be too embarrassing when one including the chauffeur would be due to lack of fuel with a Rolls-Royce. Then they would really mix real admiration and glee in the face of anyone traveling.

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