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Volvo V 4

Volvo V 4
EngineFour-cylinder inline
Displacement1940 cm
Bore * stroke75 * 110 mm
Valve trainSV
CoolingHeat circulation
Torque100 Nm
Performance21 SAE-kW (28 SAE-hp)
Rated speed2000 rpm
DesignFront engine with rear wheel-drive
TransmissionThree-speed, unsynchronized
Wheelbase2850 mm
BrakeDrums, mechanically, only rear wheels
ConstructionHenry Westerberg
DesignHelmer MasOlle Olsson
BodySteel sheets, ash wood, textile top, leather seats
WindowsFront glass, plastic side
DesignHelmer Olsson
Suspension f/rRigid axle, Leaf springs
Rims20", wooden spokes, removable
Kerb weightApprox. 1400 kg + driver
Top speedApprox. 70 km/h
Purchase price4.800 Kronen, 5.800 Kronen (PV 4)
Construction year1927 - 1929

Assar Gabrielsson works at the SKF-Kugellagerfabrik and, together with Gustaf Larson, the idea of an automobile production. He persuaded his employer to leave him a dormant company called Volvo, together with the equally unused factory on the island Hisingen. The first product is a ppen Vagn (open car) with 4 cylinders with the name 'Jacob'. Quite unusual for that time much colder Sweden, but that the cars are just at the time. It is clever, when inexperienced constructing engineers start with a thoroughly proven construction.

For the broad masses in the then relatively poor Sweden, the expensive car is prohibitive. But it is a local product, and has also already the typical Volvo-qualities, reliable and robust. Already three months later, a closed car (PV 4) offered with the same car's snout provided and, however with a leather instead of steel disguised rear build. Very quickly, there are several types, including something like a station wagon. A little the car's high price is justified by solidity on many unpaved roads in Sweden at that time. Nevertheless, the company comes financially very difficult over the years. The more prosperous truck sales must help.               Top of page               Index
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