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Is it not strange that the brand name 'Smart' has found such a large spread, for example, through the smartphone? The vehicle Smart that certainly does not harm , it is rather useful. So one must call as very clever the naming of the at its time of creation quite unusual, and anything but smart vehicle.

Smart Food
Smart Love
Smart Business
Smart Muscle
Smart Art Marketing
Smart Board
Smart Energy

The actual inventor is probably Nicolas Hayek, the wanted to transfer, the properties of his Swatch watches on the newly build, unique little car. What is perhaps forgotten today, he first had a joint venture with VW. After two years, Ferdinand Pich obtains there the chairmanship. The stops the project also considering the bad state of the group.

In his memoirs, he described the car as 'elephant roller skate' that in his opinion offered little opportunity to develop towards a real car. Meanwhile, the Smart also collides with the 3-liter own development. The contract with Hayek in any case is not solved without conflict. As known, the arranges with the Daimler Group and brings with the already developed with VW. 09/13

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