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2004 Smart Forfour

No, it didn't live up to Mercedes' expectations. Already in its first year of sale, it only reached 75 percent of the expected edition. After that it went further downhill. Actually, you can't blame the car for anything. On the contrary, Daimler tried a somewhat more daring design here.

But it gets its name from the smaller Smart and Mercedes itself doesn't even want to be named. Added to this is the 40 percent technology taken over by Mitsubishi, which you can also buy in the original. It's never good to start new projects half-heartedly.

After 2006, the production of the the Forfour ended for the time being until 2014. Then it had its own technology, but unfortunately that of the Fortwo. It's all actually tragic, as many observers will agree that this is a thoroughly desirable car, perhaps just from the wrong manufacturer.

The car comes with a large selection of a total of six possible engines, three or four cylinders, petrol and diesel from 55-154 kW (75-210 hp). After a year, a 1 litre three-cylinder economy engine is even added.

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