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Smart fortwo

Smart fortwo
EngineIn-line three-cylinder
Displacement, (bore * stroke)
Compression ratio10,5 : 1
Engine controlDOHC
Mixture preparationManifold injection
Drive trainRear engine, transversal, Rear drive
TransmissionFive-speed, 6-speed double-clutch transmission optional at 52 kW model
Front suspensionMcPherson
Rear suspensionDeDion axle
SteeringGear rack, variable transmission ratio, servo speed dependent
Brakes f/r
Wheels f/r165/65 R 15 (5,0")/185/60 R 15 (5,5")
Wheelbase1.873 mm
Turning circle6.950 mm
Length2.695 mm
Width1.663 mm
Height1.555 mm
Tank capacity28 litres
Trunk volume min/max260/350 litres
Payload270 kg
Kerb weight
Maximum speed
Purchase priceFrom 10.335 Euro
Year of manufactureFrom 2015
*electronically limited

First of all, it should be referred to the not easy task, to equip such a car with passive accident prevention. You can see it at the massive carriers in the bottom area, which are supposed to protect typically against collision not only directly from the front, but also diagonally from the front (Video 1). By omitting the drive, a minimum front crash zone is possible. The rest possibly do two-stage airbags.

Not so much more favourable is the Smart for Two. It also has no longer an annoying Renault competitor. 80 cm it is shorter. Phenomenal is the turning circle of less than 7 metres, 1.7 metres less than the forfour. The manufacturer saves not much at a shorter car. After all, here is also available the relatively complete standard equipment, particularly in the area of safety.

As a special feature is available only in the fortwo a dual clutch transmission as an extra together with the medium engine. Furthermore, it is striking that the most powerful engine just in the fortwo is electrically limited at 155 km/h. The forfour is allowed to run 165 km/h therewith. And this, although the fortwo has the standard crosswind assistant also.

And of course, it gives a nobler version of Brabus (photos below). 04/15               Top of page               Index
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