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Smart 3

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From the beginning Mercedes pays attention on a good public relations on the topic Smart crash tests. The car also performs accordingly well. However, it is striking that he preferred collides with the larger Daimler limousines, so to speak, gets the crumple zone of those. Two smarts against each other are not shown.

The basic idea of the different colors is not quite discarded. Thus, the Smart can basically be ordered only bicolored. Also, one takes the idea of a dashboard oriented toward the driver's side not very serious, offers display instruments as from the accessories shop.

As a customer, of course, city people will envisaged, not only young singles but also older people searching uncomplicated mobility. Also the second car market must not be forgotten. At least the storage rear is far more than to double above the drive by a folding front passenger backrest .

But everything is endangered end of 1997 as a Swedish journalist brings to overturn a new A-Class with a 'moose test' called evasive maneuver. The end for the also endangered Smart follows immediately. Now is to be developed by Bosch first an ESP for every Smart.

In parallel, one takes drastic changes at the car in the further development. Wheelbase (!) and track width are increased, the latter especially at the rear, the suspension comfort restricted. The same time the vehicle with drive and interior is lowered. Here will once more clearly the importance of the centre of gravity for the driving behavior.

The design chief has to go and the specialist for SUV(!) takes over the responsibility. In principle, there is no option to change the measures made because the Smart is also still vulnerable to tipping backward in contrast to the A-Class. Would cost altogether half a year start-up delay and 300 million DM. 09/13

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