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Smart forfour

Smart forfour
EngineIn-line three-cylinder
Displacement, (bore * stroke)
Compression ratio10,5 : 1
Engine controlDOHC
Mixture preparationManifold injection
Drive trainRear engine, transversal, Rear drive
Front suspensionMcPherson
Rear suspensionDeDion axle
LenkungGear rack, variable transmission ratio, servo depending on speed
Brakes f/rDiscs ventilated/drums
Wheels f/r165/65 R 15 (5,0")/185/60 R 15 (5,5") up to
185/60 R 16 (6")/205/50 R 16 (6,5")
Wheelbase2494 mm
Turning circle8.650 mm
Length3.495 mm
Width1.665 mm
Height1.554 mm
Tank capacity28 litres
Trunk volume min/max185/975 litres
Kerb weight
Top speed
Purchase priceFrom 10,995 euros
Year of manufactureFrom 2015

It is ten centimeters shorter than its 'twin' Twingo. Compared with the, it is in the base version 1,400 euros more expensive with slightly less performance. One would have expected more similarities, for example, not the much better braking distance of the Smart, although by no means the Twingo falls out of the ordinary for small cars. It should also be advised to compare not only the base prices, but also the associated equipment.

You have to get used to that for vehicles with rear engines also unusual absence of a separate luggage compartment. Indeed, In front you can lift the bonnet a bit cumbersome, but then it is attached to two belts, so that it does not fall on the road. If you look below, you will be disappointed because the space is at the most adequate for the travel beauty case. So that's why the unstable bonnet construction.

After all, there is, for example, for the refilling of windscreen washer fluid front a simpler opening. And who wants to check the oil level of the engine, the anyway needs rear to the engine. There, under an acceptable luggage compartment are then to remove a well-padded insulating mat and six, but manually rotatable screw.

The insulation mat is absolutely necessary so that the luggage or better the weekend shopping is spared from the engine heat. Large is not the compartment here. The Twingo has slight advantages here. On the rear seat bench is in such, falsely called 'city car' vehicles, the footwell naturally not luxurious.

But one has to critizise some unpractical details such as the opening mechanism for the tailgate, the many bright plastic, which is reflected in the windshield and the far too deep array of switches left of the steering wheel. In return, the Smart has a very small turning circle, even a little smaller than the Twingo, making the car handier to use in the city.

Unfortunately, the former is at a disadvantage compared with the latter because of incomprehensible smaller engine performance during acceleration in the base version. Since it is difficult to give it the name runabout, especially since you can probably not expect a very low consumption despite the aforementioned restriction.

The manufacturer should be commended because of the relatively complete equipment of the basic model. Here is included the important crosswind assistant for vehicles with rear engine, airbags and airbags for both sides and a knee airbag. Not absolutely necessary would have been: Starting assistance on the mountain and the cruise control with variable limit, but certainly liked to take with, as well as the start-stop system. 04/15

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