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Ganz neu ...

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2015 Smart fortwo
2015 Smart forfour
2014 Smart
2004 Smart ForFour
2003 Smart Roadster
2002 Smart Crossblade
1998 Smart Drive 1
1998 Smart Drive 2

  Smart fortwo cabrio

EngineInline three-cylinder
Displacement, (bore * stroke)
Compression ratio
Engine controldohc
Mixture formationMultipoint injection
Drive trainRear engine, transversal, rear drive
Transmission6-speed-dual clutch transmission
Front suspensionMcPherson
Rear suspensionDeDion axle
SteeringGear rack, variable transmission ratio, servo, speed dependent
Brakes f/r
Wheels f/r165/65 R 15 (5,5")/185/60 R 15
Wheelbase1.873 mm
Turning circle6.950 mm
Length2.695 mm
Width1.663 mm
Height1.552 mm
Tank capacity28/35** litres
Trunk volume min/max260-340 litres
Payload230 kg
Kerb weight975 kg incl. driver
Top speed
Purchase price
Year of manufactureFrom 2016
*electronically limited, **available for a surcharge

The appearance of Smart 2 changes very much from that of Smart 1. The nose so important for emergency contact with pedestrians is no longer an acquired taste. The exaggerated rear wheel track of the old Smart no longer exists. It is even smaller than the in front. However, the new Smart carries behind even broader tyres.

The top folds electrically backward. But you have to remove the side struts then by hand. The fit in a compartment of the rear door, but takes 10 liters of luggage space, even if they are mounted. The rear window is flexible and not heatable.

The manufactorer calls it a 'convertible soft top'. Although one could be doubtful if this construction fullfills the definition of a convertible. Somehow the free view to the sky without struts is possible, but you have to look for the right position intently. And then the prices. There are 3,000 euros more if you compare it to a 'normal' Smart with the same configuration.

The video below starts with Mercedes advertising. Incidentally, a sign that the mother finally accepts the not entirely illegitimate child. Still other disadvantages? Yes, about 100 kg more he has on the ribs. If accelerating the Smart cabrio is not faster than a normal Smart with 8 kW (11 HP) less. And the maximum speed is always the same, because limited.

Even the maximum load has suffered. The luggage space is so small that you will not find the warning triangle and first aid kit in your new car. You have to order it for an extra charge of 33 Euro. After all, you shoud choose for an enhanced tank. The 60 Euro are well spent. Because the consumption is probably not proportional to the length or the engine power of the Smart.

Trash-talked enough. Who swoons about the car and the awareness of life that it sends out can anyway not be prevented from shifting towards such a car. After all, one is itself removing from the Renault Twingo in double sense, because there is neither a convertible nor a two-door version, but you get the four-door even more favorable. 02/16