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Opel Omega B1

Opel Omega
Displacement2597/2171/2498/2198/3165 cm³
Bore *stroke83,2*79,6/84,0*98,0/80,0*82,8/
86,0*94,6/93,4*77,0 mm
Compressionrate10,0/18,5/22,5/10,0/9,4 : 1
Valves2 per cylinder
Maximumtorque240/280/250/200/290 Nm at 3400/1600/2200/2500/3000 rpm
Maximumpower132/88/96/100/151 kW (180/120/130/136/205 HP)
Nom. rot.speed6000/4000/4500/5200/5400 rpm
Drivetrain designFront wheeldrive
Wheelbase2730 mm
Turning circle1100 mm
Front suspensionMcPherson struts
Rear suspensionMultilink
Front springsCoilsprings
Rear springsCoilsprings
Wheels/tyres205/65 15 R
Body style5-doors station wagon
Length4900 mm
Width1780 mm
Height1500 mm
Cargo volume540-1800 liter
Fuel capacity75 liter
Payload657 kg
Roof load100 kg
Trailer weight750/1750 kg
Kerb weight1633 kg incl. driver
Manufact. period2000 - 2001
Top speed 216/195/195/162/184 km/h

In the streets it is still always represented numerous. It seems to enjoy great popularity even with a minimum age of 8 years. What the reason may be?

Well, the last of a long series usually enjoy special care. The Omega with its front engine and rear-wheel driveactually based on the Opel Record series. Which Opel has made great again after the war.

Take a look at the prospectus of the last Omega. 50 pages, not counting the double. There then was something to photograph e.g. leather interior with wood-paneled center console and upholstered dashboard.

That's a bit like the good old days, some people dream of. Somehow dignified. Once again extravagance, before the Vectra/Signum fall victim to budget cuts. Well, it is not compact outside, but neither inside.

Outside, the Omega is no sensation. Too honest, and for example with the notchback not really the measure of all things. But then there is still the estate car, pardon caravan. If one had it merely called 'Sportback' or something like that.

Somehow car and brand really did not fit together. This has beat down the prices for used cars and that in turn the car brings a second (or perhaps only the first) spring. Little risk and much comfort.

Of course it has its quirks. Although less rust than the Omega A, but almost more electronics with corresponding problems. The petrol engines, very stable if one considers the V6.

The four-cylinders already will be claimed stronger. With enough maintenance (e.g. cam belts) they keep a long time. The diesel engines come from BMW also would have to be beyond doubt.

Of course the cars are now getting a bit long in the tooth and need more repairs. But the consumption should beat the of the successor. So badly thus can not be the CW-value.

There will be people who want to return back to their old Omega. It was just at the limit: nearly all security preventions, but not as many bells and whistles or savings. 04/11               Top of page               Index
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