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Opel Diplomat

Opel Diplomat A
EngineV-8 (90°)
Displacement4638 cm³
Bore * stroke98,4 * 76,2 mm
Cylinder headCast iron
Engine controlOHV (spur gears)
Valve controlHydrolic tappets
Mixture preparationDouble two-barrel downdraught carburetor
Tank capacity70 liter
Torque354 Nm at 3000 rpm
Power140 kW (190 HP)
Nominal rotation speed4600 rpm
Power drive designFront engine with rear-wheel drive
ClutchHydraulic operated
TransmissionTwo/three-speed-automatic, four-speed (open request)
Suspension (in front)Double wishbone
Suspension (rear)Rigid axle, leaf springs, hydraulic dampers, anti-roll bar
SteeringRecirculating ball, power steering
Tyres185 x 15 (5,5")
BrakesDiscs, drums,
Wheelbase2845 mm
Length4948 mm
Width1902 mm
Height1454 mm
WeightApprox. 1520 kg + driver
Maximum speedApprox. 200 km/h
PriceFrom approx. 17.500 DM
Construction period1964 - 1968
AlternativeCoupe with bigger V8 (Karmann, 25.500 DM)

This is the Admiral upgraded with eight cylinders. Why not, the mother company GM has enough V8 engines on offer. In the first year this engine is left exclusively to the Diplomat. Outwardly the Diplomat is recognizable by its vertical front headlights, and its vinyl roof. Because the car is relatively dark inside, the interior might warm up excessively in summer. But the Americans love it. The power steering and power windows are uncommon at that time.The interior is a little homier, the instrument cluster more functionally. There will never again be such a large Opel sedan.

Why is the KAD series in spite of its favorable price not successful? Maybe because they do not look like European cars? They might be considered too large and without personal trademark. It is not possible to regard them as extension or expression of one's personality. The American managers of GM did not take into consideration that these cars are considered upper class vehicles in Europe. They are looked upon as extension of the buyer's own personality. The KAD series is too rationally. Someone who has made it simply buys a Mercedes.

In 1969 the second attempt is undertaken with a larger V8 engine from the coupe and optionally six-cylinders. The car body is reduced a bit in size, but extraordinary are the chassis changes. The huge space in the rear below the car body suffices for a De Dion axis. Finally, the chassis is level with the huge engine power. Admittedly, the car weight clearly increases. It is a pity, but in spite of all the efforts, and the fact that the result is definitely competitive, the car is no sales success.

Opel Diplomat B
EngineIn-line six-cylinder / V-8 (90°)
Displacement2784/5354 cm³
Bore * stroke92/101 * 69,8/82,6 mm
Cylinder headCast iron
Engine controlOHC (chain), OHV (spur gears)
Valve controlHydrolic tappets
Mixture preparationDouble two-barrel downdraught carburetor/L-jetronic
Torque354 Nm at 3000 rpm
Power121/169 kW (165/230 HP)
Nominal rotation speed5600/4700 rpm
Power drive designFront engine with rear-wheel drive
ClutchHydraulic actuated
TransmissionFour-speed/three-speed-automatic, column-mounted shifter
Suspension (in front)Double wishbone
Suspension (rear)De Dion Axle, hydraulic damper, anti-roll bar
SteeringRecirculating ball, power and safety steering
Tyres7.00 x 14 (5")
Foot brakeDiscs, ventilated, 2 circuits
Handbrake GBDrums in rear discs
Wheelbase2845 mm
Length4920 mm
Width1852 mm
Height1445 mm
WeightApprox. 1530/1690 kg + driver
Maximum speedApprox. 200 km/h
PriceFrom approx. 17.500/20.000 DM
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