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1924 Opel 'Laubfrosch'

With this copy of the Citroen 5 CV as the only model Opel rises to a series producer and Germany receives (after the USA and France) for the first time an automobile assembly line production. At a time when the vehicles still changed a lot with basics, in any case is stolen a lot. Usually at or after the takeover however also developed significantly. For this Opel initially it is not the time. One has built a new factory and invested much money, which will first of all be generated.

At least the color is changed over from Citroen yellow to Opel green, what brings the 4/12 the name tree frog. Except in ignition, cooling and bore both cars are so similiar, despite slightly different measures, Citroen even goes to trial. Finally however, the tree frog from Opel is yet further developed and repealed as a copy. During this time, Citroen is one of the largest manufacturers in Europe, Opel's successes come later. 07/06

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