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1974 Opel Manta A

He proudly wears the ray with the same name on the side (picture above).

The first Manta is the market in 1970, a good year after the Ford Capri. This does not prevent it to achieve higher licence numbers than those. The first version has 66 kW (90 hp) with 1.9 liter displacement, it follows a 1.2-liter version. The data above are from the 1974 appearing GT/E, in which the concern engine of Ascona and Rekord is equipped with a electronic fuel injection and is more snappy due to higher compression ratio.

The picture above of course is not a GT/E, it would need to have a front spoiler. Experts would also see it on the chassis that in the GT/E 20 mm has been lowered. Although the spring system at the basic Manta is already tight enough, but this has a positive effect on driving safety. Also missing, of course, the black 'anti-dazzle' surfaces.

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