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Video 2005 Night Rod
Video 1993 Heritage Nostalgia
Video 1981 FLH 80 HE
Video 1977 XLCR
Video 1969 Sportster
Video 1969 Easy Rider
Video 1966 FLH
Video 1961 FL Duo-Glide
Video 1960 Topper
Video 1915 Cygnet
Video 1913 9-B

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Harley Davidson

2005Night Rod as a cross between a V-Rod and Street Rod
2003100 years Harley Davidson
2002V-Rod with DOHC-Twin, liquid cooling (development aid Porsche)
1993Dyna Wide Glide, HD 90 years
1992Fifth Grand National Championship in succession
1991Five-speed sportster, belt drive
1990FLSTF Fat Boy (nostalgia)
1987Electra Glide Sport
1986Harley-Davidson becomes a public company
1986Sportster Evolution (883 cm³)
1984Evolution generation, 1340 cm³, again HD police bikes
1982US customs to about 700 cm³ motors increases from 4,4% to 49,4%
1982Soft engine suspension (Super Glide II), five-speed
1981Manager buy with high yield credit from Citybank and equity the company back from AMF
1979End two-stroke sales
1978Sale of Aermacchi to Cagiva
1978Electra Glide with 1340 cm³
1977XLCR Cafe Racer (<- Sportster), FXS Low Rider (<-Super Glide)
1975Stopping production Sprint
1974250-cm³ world champion (Walter Villa)
1973250-cm³ world champion (Walter Villa)
1972Sportster with 1000 cm³
1972American championship (XR 750)
1972Front disc brake
1971FX Super Glide, 1200 cm³
1970426-km/h world record
1970KR -> (aluminum-)XR
1969American Machine and Faundry take over HD
1968Speed record at Daytona
1967Sportster with electric start
1966Electra Glide with electric start
196550-cm³-Aermaccchi of HD
1965250-cm³ world record (285 km/h)
1963Son of William Davidson -> chief designer
196264-cm³ two-stroke scooters (Topper)
1960Acquisition of Italian firm Aermacchi, HD with 250-cm³ four-stroke engine
1960More race wins with KR
1959First Japanese mini-motorbikes
1959More race wins
1958Duo-Glide with rear swing arm, hydraulic brake
1957XL Sportster, OHV
1956Another victory in the Jack-Pine-Tour
1954K model -> KH model
1952Models K and KR (race version), 750-cm³-SV
1952Clutch operated now by hand, gear with the foot
1950Arthur Davidson died as the last of the four company founders
1949Hydra-Glide, telescopic fork
1947A new beginning with pre-war production
1947First headlines of later 'Rocker' called gangs
1945End Second World War
1943Bill Harley died
1942Walter Davidson died
1941End of production for civilian purposes
1940Aluminum cylinder heads, especially engines for military
1940Export of motorcycles (UK and USSR)
1939Begin Second World War
1937Death of William Davidson
1937219-km/h world record
1935OHV-Knucklehead, 1000 cm³
1935Anew race win (Dirt-Track)
1933Motorcycle sales collapsed completely
1931Tricycle as service-car
1930Race win Jack-Pine-Tour
1929Black Friday, world economic crisis
1929Cylinder heads (Patent Ricardo) in 500-cm³ single-cylinder and D, DL and DLD twin-cylinder
1929Model WL, SV, 750 cm³ (290 Dollar)
1929Davidson of the next generation
1928JD model with 2 camshafts in bottom position
1927Ca. 20.000 motorcycles sold
1926Sold more than 23.000 motorcycles
1925New tank design, streamlined, 500-cm³ single, SV
1925Approx. 17.000 motorcycles sold
1924Approx. 14.000 motorcycles sold
1923End Harley with boxer engine
1923Harley racing team dissolved
1923Sold over 18.000 motorcycles
1922Model F, 1200 cm³, SV, 13 kW (18 HP)
1922Ca. 13.000 motorcycles sold
1921Only 10.000 sidecars and motorcycles sold
1920Depression and prohibition begin
1920 Tin Lizzy price below $ 400 competes with motorcycles
1920Speed records, Harley in 67 countries
1920Approx. 28.000 motorcycles sold
1919Harley with 600-cm³ boxer engine, economic failure
1919Just under 40.000 motor cycles and sidecars
1918End First World War, more than 26,000 special motorcycles delivered
1918Production stop single cylinder
1917War entry USA
1916The Enthusiast - regular newspaper for HD customers, huge service network created in USA
1915Great success in Speed Bowl race
1915Four-valve racing engine (Ricardo-Patent) with 1000 cm³, up to 40 kW (55 HP)
1915Series receives three-speed and clutch in front
1914Begin First World War
1914Exports GB, NL, deliveries to the military
1914Kick Starter, internal expanding brake rear
1913Three-wheel motorcycle-van, 574-cm³ single (5 HP) in addition
1913William Ottaway as a designer and racing manager
1913Just under 13.000 motorcycles manufactured
1912Rear wheel hub with two-speed gearbox, chain drive on demand, spring in the saddle tube
1912Just under 10.000 motorcycles manufactured
1911V2-inlet valve cam-controlled now, more power, improved lubrication
1911Coupling instead of (de-) tensioning the belt drive
1911More than five and a half thousand motorcycles sold
1910Factory (Juneau Avenue) significantly expanded
1910More than three thousand motorcycles sold
1909First V2-engine (45°), 850 cm³, 5 kW (6,5 HP)
1909Victory in the 500-km race (Walter Davidson)
1909Frame with more wheel base, improved suspension and engine, now with Schebler carburetor
1909More than eleven hundred motorcycles sold
1908First race wins (Walter Davidson) with prototype 1000-cm³-twin
1908Four hundred fifty motorcycles sold, first police Harleys
1907Bill Harley completed engineering studies successfully
1907Harley-Davidson Motor Company founded
1907More than hundred fifty motorcycles sold
1906Two floors wooden house (Juneau Avenue), Uncle James McLay financed
1906Davidson brothers Arthur and William join the company.
1906Fifty motorcycles sold, first employees
1905Five motorcycles sold
1905Walter Davidson became the first full-time for the new company
1904Three other specimens of similar design
1903Bill Harley will begin engineering studies
1903Framework in own construction created in the woodshed holds allegedly 100.000 miles
1902First 400-cm³ engine (3 HP)
1902Walter Davidson machinist (Chicago-Milwaukee-railway)
1901Later the main competitor Indian founded
1900Attempted reconstruction of a European internal combustion engine (De Dion)
1898Harley draftsman (metal factory)
1895Harley mechanic after leaving school (bicycle factory)
1881Arthur Davidson born
1880William P. (Bill) Harley was born as the son of English immigrants
1877Walter Davidson was born as the son of a Scottish craftsman               Top of page               Index
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