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Lancia Thema

Lancia Thema
EngineI-4/I-4/V-6 (90°)/I-4/I-4(cat)*
Displacement1995/2428/2829/1981/1981 cm³
Valves2 per cylinder
Fuel feedLE-Jetr./VE-Pump/K-Jetr./LE-Jetr./LE-Jetr.
Maximum torque255/217/244/167/157 Nm at 2500/2300/2700/4000/4000 rpm
Maximum power122/74/110/88/83 kW (165/100/150/120/113 HP)
Nom. rot. speed5500/4100/5750/5250/5600 rpm
Transmission5-M, 3-A
Drivetrain designFront wheel drive, transversal
Wheelbase2660 mm
Turning circle1090 mm
Front suspensionMcPherson struts
Rear suspensionSpring strut suspension
Front springsCoil springs
Rear springsCoil springs
Front brakesDisc brakes
Rear brakesDisc brakes
Wheels/tyres195/60 VR 14 / 185/65 R 14 T / 185/70 VR 14 / 175/70 HR 14
Body style4 doors sedan, station wagon
Air restistance0,32
Length4590 mm
Width1758 mm
Height1415 mm
Cargo volume550/1000 liters
Fuel capacity64 liters
Payload500 kg
Kerb weight1150 kg + driver
Manufact. period1984 - 1994
Top speed 218/185/208/195/191 km/h
*I=Inline, V=V-engine

With the Lancia Thema theFiat Group will make a renewed attempt to advance into the upper middle class. The car is styled conservative, though with modern interior. Even individually folding rear seats are available. It lacks neither the six-cylinder nor the Turbo Diesel with intercooler. The four-cylinder have balancer shafts. Also is available a turbo petrol engine and catalytic converter with lambda control. In Germany one get for this at least five years tax exemption.

The brochure underlines the convenience and the pictures still underline it. Comfortable seats optional covered with Alcantara lend the interior a lttle warmth. In contrast to a relatively even, flat dashboard with a lot of information in the small area of the steering wheel. As a result speedometer and rational-speed counter come a little too short. But you must have to do something if there is optionlly automatic.

Somewhat surprising is the advertising with a low air resistance by more plane front screen, higher trunk and flush installed panes or hoods. One do not see the relatively good cW-value of the body. The best space-economy is mentioned. No doubt remains more room at a V-6 transverse with 4.6 m length than by the competition at the time. I find particularly funny the mention of the two-tone horn, that's 'melodious' and yet 'ignorable'.               Top of page               Index
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