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Chevrolet Bel Air

Chevrolet Bel Air
EngineInline six-cylinder
Displacement (bore*stroke)3.860 cm³ (90,5 mm * 100 mm)
Compression ratio8 : 1 (petrol)
Engine controlohv
Valves2 per cylinder
CoolingLiqiud, pump circulation
Maximum torque285 Nm at 2.400 1 rpm
Maximum power104 kW (142 HP) at 4.200 1 rpm
TransmissionManual three-speed
Drive trainFront engine, longitudinal,
Rear drive
Wheelbase2.921 mm
Turning circle12.600 mm
Front suspensionIndependent suspension, coil springs
Rear suspensionRigid axle, leaf springs, anti-roll bar
Brakes frontDrums
Brakes rearDrums
Length5.017 mm
Width1.854 mm
Height1.499 mm
Kerb weight1.483 kg
Tank capacity60 liter
Year of manufacture1957

Harley J. Earl, famous designer and engineer at General Motors, has also created this car. Lots of ornaments with appeal to the age of rockets make an icon out of the car. The convertible to see on the images had incidentally a price tag of $ 90,000. It should be available, 95 percent of all parts.

Not only the car is new, but the V8 engine also, which replaces the old-fashioned and even heavier inline six-cylinder. The 283er V8 is indeed the second at Chevrolet, but the first was such a failure that one let begin the era of the V8 at Chevrolet with this engine.

The Signet 'Bel Air' fits more likely to a convertible, although the four-door sedan also bears the name. With more than five meters in length one speaks of a road cruiser in Europe. Although sedan, this car is also peppered with accessories, small rockets on the hood, rear fenders lined with faux leather and trims, chromed rear wing.

Already the decoration of the front weighs a lot. You need hours for the careful assembly of the parts. The engine compartment is so large that even a V8 still disappears in it. Inside seat benches made of synthetic leather dominate on which can accommodate three people side by side. Column gear change is then required. While there is already a three-speed automatic transmission at Chevrolet, but many Americans still changing gears itself.

The dashboard is molded from the sheet metal of the car in the lower part and firmly welded in. But this one does not notice because the plastic layer was placed above, one of the first measures for passive accident prevention. For this, however, the steering wheel has an unusual amount of clearance even if it still is so beautiful with the then usual, chromed horn ring. The same good predicate applies to the instruments behind it.

In principle, also the trunk is huge, even if the spare wheel was moved to the outside at our convertible rear and the bumper makes an additional arch. Everything is encased with chrome, the exhaust pipes and even the fuel cap, which is located behind the left chrome fins.

The predecessor ...

Chevrolet Bel Air
EngineInline six-cylinder
Displacement (bore*stroke)3.860 cm³ (90,5 mm * 100 mm)
Compression ratio8 : 1 (petrol)
Maximum torque285 Nm at 2.400 1/min
Maximum performance104 kW (142 HP) at 4.200 rpm
TransmissionManual, three-speed
Kerb weight1.483 kg
Tank capacity60 liter               Top of page               Index
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