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Chevrolet Corvette 4

Basically, the Corvette does not fit into the American landscape. Chevrolet is actually the cheapest brand in the GM group. The Corvette is thought to enhance the image, but the ball goes rather backfired. The Chevrolet dealers do not know much to begin with this product. It is with about $ 3,500 too expensive and hardly any of the customers is looking for a two-seater at the Chevrolet dealer.

Conversely, the Corvette has not yet been added to the series of serious sports car. These include racing successes, as for example Jaguar can show the with the XK 120 are something of a model for the Corvette. By the way, it is almost 20 miles per hour faster and will replaced by the even stronger XK 140 in 1954.

The really not special quality of finish does the rest to failure of the first Corvette. Therefore, it will be probably delivered almost exclusively in white, because then the processing errors are not as much to see. But water in the interior can not hide even white color outside. There are also difficulties in the workshops. This is not so much related to the repair of the fiberglass film, but to the synchronization of the carburetor.

1955 is finally finished the V8. It receives a few extra horsepower in the Corvette, but can not be delivered because first the vehicles have to be sold that are stockpiled. Why the Corvette was not equipped from the outset with a V8, remains unclear. Although Chevrolet had so far none in the program, but the upper-class group brand Cadillac. However, the is also significantly heavier.

The Chevrolet V8 constitutes something like the tradition of the 'small-block', the will classify the American V8 engines for a very long time. It is certainly more lightweight than the 'big block', but it also has cast iron cylinder heads. At many positions the Corvette experiencing significant improvements. This is due largely to an engineer named Zora Arkus-Duntov, the helped to improve crucial as a race engineer also the chassis.

And yet, everything would have been of no avail, because the sales figures still give a gloomy picture end 1955. One could have almost bet on the quiet setting of the production would not have happened an occurrence that the chances increased abruptly of the development of the Corvette. The resolution can be found on the next page. 09/13