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Chevrolet Corvette 5

Look at the picture above. What a draft of the racing enthusiast Duntov. But before we discuss here the Corvette SS shown above, here is the resolution of the question at the end of the previous page. It is quite simple: Ford Thunderbird. With this car on the market, for General Motors it is impossible according the philosophy of American competition, to abandon the Corvette.

Zora Arkus-Duntov may therefore continue to develop the Corvette. His vision is a sports car, which he has been missing for 20 years, deserves its name and can also win races. Before his already expected death in 1955, the car gets next frame reinforcements, nor a three-speed automatic transmission, two other blocks in the direction of a true sports car.

With the decision for further production additional changes can be realized. The windscreen, too small for tall drivers will enlarged. At the same time the car gets windows to crank. This ends the drama after folding back the top having to store the windows to insert from plastic in the luggage compartment. Of course, the folding top itself must be changed also.

Almost by the way, the exhaust pipes ending in the rear wheel arches are led to the rear end. With the V8, the electrical system is already changed to 12 volts. Significant improvements receives also the chassis with a modified geometry. Overall, the car is modified so that Duntov dares to attack with a stronger version of the V8 and the now available three-speed manual transmission the record of 150 mh.

The resulting version now already comes quite close to that of the SS. She also has no real windshield and even more power by changing engine control. Finally, it can be designed entirely on achieving a high speed, then what in the wet sand of Daytona Florida coast happens. Unfortunately, the management took the erroneous conclusion that the car was already ready for races.

It was not, of course, if one considers e.g. the brakes. It is still used in the 12 Hours of Sebring. The time until then is very scarce. Duntov does what he can and next to failures, the best makes the ninth place in overall classification. There is agreement that Duntov has probably prevented the worst. With the advancement of the V8 finally is created the race type SS.

Even more important than the four-speed transmission is the replacement of the two four-barrel carburetor by a fuel injection system. There is with the Mercedes 300 SL indeed a model, but the draft until then the carburetor manufacturing company in Rochester has absolutely no similarity with it. It is basically a mechanical hydraulical acting, continuous injection system.

The pressure caused by the intake air is passed from the beginning of the intake manifold on a large, corresponding to spring-loaded diaphragm. This is connected with a special valve, by the is throttled more or less with an extra pump the fuel from the central float chamber. So is self-regulated, the injection amount depending on the intake air. A kind of automatic starter ensures additional enrichment when engine is cold. 09/13