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Chevrolet Aveo

It is a car offered worldwide, originally derived from the Daewoo Kalos and after the acquisition of the South Korean company by General Motors offered under six brand names. Of these, only three will probably remain since the changes of 2011. Also this car is a contribution to the pride of the Chevrolet brand to have no model in the program older than about three years.

Under which it is the smallest, probably best suited for cities, in the meantime, the most people worldwide live. However, to the small cars it can almost no longer be expected because the five-door hatchback is considerably shorter than the current Golf, but the four-door notchback sedan almost as much longer.

This still fits, that there are only four cylinders, plenty of choice at the petrol engines and after all, two diesel variants. Interestingly, the very different drag coefficient between the two models. Who would have thought that the longer model with notchback would so emphatically recommended itself. 09/13