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Chevrolet Camaro

1Manual gearbox/automatic, 2Coupe/Cabriolet

No, to specify all the engines, the has been in the Chevrolet Camaro so far, is almost impossible. Please keep in mind that in addition to the normal V8 there were also V6 and even four-cylinder engines with 2.5 litres. For the latter, of course, the term muscle car is not quite correct.

You already suspect, whom it shall make competition from 1966, exactly, the Ford Mustang, which was introduced in 1964. By the way, at the beginning e.g. it was also available with less than V8 power. Unfortunately, the rest of the Camaro technique is almost the same as the of Mustang, thus a simple undercarriage with rear drum brakes.

In the Camaro that will change after all 'already' in 2009, while the Mustang still drives with the simple beam axle, including all standard Shelbys ever built. The Camaro starts at the gearbox even with three gears in some cases, however, either manually or automatically. Since one arrived at six today, but the option has remained.

Not always the car was available as a coupe and convertible like at the beginning and now again. We have for you the latest version in the video below, taken at the Geneva Motor Show 2014. Not only with it, one has take up time with the export, too well the car sold again in the United States lately. One has even brought back again the production from Canada to USA.

The good comrade ('Camaro') it's gone as some people in real life for a long time, it is respected but not loved. The Corvette enjoys the first rank with significantly less weight, by direct injection less emissions, lower fuel consumption and more performance, the allowed higher top speed. But therefor it is almost twice as expensive, at least in Europe. 05/14

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