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2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

It is a view of the seventh generation of the Corvette, still with the byname 'Stingray', which was added first in the second generation. The Corvette was never constructed close to the competition, even though it would have had good preconditions with independent suspension, fiberglass body and manual transmission. If a Corvette won in the race, it was mostly private and used with great commitment.

All that is different this time. Practically parallel to the Z06 a Z07 is developed as a direct racing version. Also the new power values for the still 'Small Block' named engine prick one's ears, perhaps the 861 Nm with 40 percent more are almost more impressive than the 480 kW. The compressor rotates significantly higher than before with up to 20,000 rpm and already needs prevention as protection for such a high rpm. Interestingly, the still quite high geometric compression ratio with 10: 1 for American standards.

However, in the power transmission there is yet an automatic optional, after all, with eight gears, not bigger and even 4 kg lighter than the previous model with six gears. One attaches great importance to short gear switching times, whereby a torque converter automatic hardly has difficulties. For the manual seven-speed gearbox one has planned a paddle control and now it is argued, to be able to change gears much faster therewith as with a real dual-clutch transmission.

A great trick, but not quite fair, because the dual-clutch gearbox must still operate the clutch. But also otherwise true performance is ensured. One can imagine what such a powerful engine and compressor need for the cooling. And of the incoming air must also be somewhat branched off for the huge brakes in the fairly wide wheels in front. A special radiator grill shall help here.

The body probably impressed the most. Gone is a certain randomness of previous stylings. Almost all the parts black in the pictures can also be ordered in carbon look, are made of CFRP, like the complete bonnet. Air guide, top marks for the downforce and good looks come together here. Along with the drive, the Corvette should now be taken seriously at the really big automobile manufacturers. 01/14

If then the price is still ok ...