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Volvo P 1800

TypeVolvo P 1800
EngineFour-cylinder inline
Displacement (bore * stroke)1780 cm³ (84,14 mm * 80,0 mm), 1968: 1.986 cm³ (88,9 mm * 80 mm)
Mixture preparation2 SU side-draft carburetors, 1969: D-jetronic
Valve trainOHV
Performance66 kW (90 HP) at 5000 rpm, 1963: 71 kW (96 HP), 1968: 77 kW (105 HP)
TransmissionFour-speed, overdrive
three-speed automatic
DesignFront engine with rear wheel-drive
Suspension frontTriangle wishbone, coil springs
Suspension rearRigid axle, trailing link,
coil springs, Panhard rod
Brakes f/rDiscs
Wheelbase2.450 mm
Length4.350-4.400 mm
Width1.700 mm
Height1.280-1.285 mm
Kerb weight1.130-1.375 kg + driver
Top speed170 km/h, 175 km/h (from 1963)
Construction periodFrom 1960

The prototype from 1957 ...

The body is designed by Pelle Petterson, upcoming designers in the studios of the famous Italian Pietro Frua at the time. He is the son of the engineer Helmer Petterson, consultant of the company Volvo. He comes to the fore more likely the Italian design than the employees of his son. He comes to the fore more likely the Italian design than the cooperation with his son. Pelle Petterson has already created the predecessor P1900 and thus severely shipwrecked. By the way, this is the right word for his further activity because after working for Frua with much more success he turns toward the design and navigating of yachts. He gains even repeatedly Olympic medals. Volvo urgently needs a success. Apparently, the design from Italy is once again examined carefully in Sweden. Doing so the classically beautiful shapes are created, inside even topped by still today brilliant acting design.

The first 6,000 cars from British manufacturing ...

However, also the start of the new car is not without problems. Due to initially lack of manufacturing capacity is assigned the bodywork Pressed Steel in Scotland and the assembly Jensen in England. The quality is apparently so bad that the first 250 cars must be repaired in Gothenburg. Again, sending engineers to the UK does not help, Volvo itself takes over the manufacturing after almost 3 years. Originally, one wanted to find in Germany, was already in agreement with the company Karmann. The VW factory intervened, a large customer, then as now for Karmann. Why is that? For the own Karmann Ghia the P1800 is surely no competition, even if both squint to the U.S. market. Actually, there is only the company Porsche in final stage with the 356, the the VW factory could possibly protect.

The forerunner of the shooting-brakes ...

The change in the production Volvo also uses immediately for a facelift and a small increase in performance. But in principle one remains it at that, namely the chassis and engine are fromAmazon P120. Confidence in the car increases. He gets ahead in the series 'Simon Templar/The Saint' starring Roger Moore. The American Irv Gordon (Fig. 2) buys one and drives it the first 2.7 million kilometers without engine or gearbox change. Then almost as much again. With more than 4.8 million kilometers, it comes into the Guinness Book of Records.

There were a total of only about 30 convertibles ...

Even then Volvo used the security image. The P1800 is the first sports car with standard safety belts also rear. The serie benefits from much care for models. With the disappearance of the cow horn bumpers (Figs. 1 and 11) is not yet completed their odyssey. With constantly new regulations regarding the height and impact sensitivity, the authorities of the main sales area make life difficult for the manufacturer. The grille is also modified several times. This is also one reason for giving up the model in 1973. 08/13

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