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2013 LS 600h
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Lexus LS 600h

Lexus LS 600h / L
EngineV eight-cylinder
Displacement4.969 cm³
Engine control2*DOHC, 4 V, intake adjustable
Torque520 Nm at 4.000 rpm
Performance290 kW (394 HP) at 6.400 rpm
Torque - E-motor300 Nm
Performance - E-motorMax. 650 V, 165 kW (224 HP)
BatteryNickel metal hydride, 68 kg, 288 V, 1,8 kWh, max. 4 km
CO2-emission199 g/km
TransmissionInfinitely variable
Drive trainFront engine, all-wheel drive, traction control
Wheelbase2.970/3.090 mm
Turning circle12.200/12.600 mm
Suspension f/rMultilink, air suspension
Brakes f/rDiscs, ventilated, electronically controlled, brake assist system
SteeringGear rack, servo, electrically, variable transmission
Wheels245/45 R 19 (8")
Drag coefficient0,27
Length5.090/5.210 mm
Width1.875 mm
Height1.480 mm
Luggage compartment420 litres
Tank capacity84 litres
Maximum speed250 km/h
Payload365-495 kg
Kerb weight2.395-2.485 kg incl. driver/
2.445-2.515 kg incl. driver
Purchase price 2014From 111,000/131,800 euros
ManufacturedFrom 2012

Obviously there is a market for hybrid cars, the biggest of which is probably the USA, particularly if Toyota is behind it all. Whether the 'hybridisation' always makes sense or not, can be argued. With the LS 600h, one could creep along at up to 67 km/h to one's office (if the office is no more than 4 km away) and if plug-in were possible, it could even be planned on a daily basis.

The engine has no noticeable savings effects, which would make the support of an electrical system necessary. On the other hand, in this price range the additional cost of a hybrid drive is not of particular consequence. Perhaps the potential client would simply like to give the impression of being environmentally conscious.

Mercedes Maybach is now only 10 centimetres longer ...

Since, in this case, one really indulgences oneself in luxury. It doesn't have to bear the logo of Mercedes Maybach, to make the comfort in the rear of the long-version something very special. Indeed, the extra air-conditioning for this area can also be had in the profane VW Touareg. Indeed, we then arrive at a tare-weight of 2,5 tons, including the driver (beg your pardon, chauffeur).

You can now well imagine, what's left of the 8,6 liters per 100 km ascertained by Lexus. The annual inspection service, called 'Fitnesscheck' every 15.000 km is also very costly. Not only are the radio and the navigation system worthy of improvement. Otherwise however, the car presents itself with all the virtues of Japanese reliability and after all, the Mercedes Maybach, which carries about the same basic price-tag, is not fitted with a hybrid drive. 01/15