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2010 Lexus LFA

The prices of super sports car one understands not always so also not the of the LFA, which is almost twice as high as that of the Audi R8, also equipped with a V10 engine. The ratio is similar to Ferrari and Lamborghini. As seen on the pictures Lexus trusts rather the transaxle principle than the mid-engine lying in front of the rear axle e.g. at Audi. Also, the passenger compartment is made from carbon fiber (Figure 11).

Only 500 handmade copies, 20 per month.

Overall, the development of the LFA has lasted nearly 13 years. There you can see once again, how difficult it is for a global company to build a vehicle in which all of his skills should be brought to a climax. There is only one limited edition, similar memoirs, which are bound in leather distributed only to certain people.

Ultra-modern developments, such as the carbon fiber monocoque chassis is combined with more traditional functional elements, such as a high-revving, naturally aspirated engine with only indirect injection. Also, the sequential gearbox operates with only one clutch, perhaps for reasons of weight reduction. All in all, the car might likely cost the company still some money despite the high price, similar as the VW Group, the Bugatti. 09/13

Worth seeing Nürburgring lap ...

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